Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blue Light Special

OK, so I was going through my cards and stumbled on these.

1982 Topps MVP Series/Kmart 20th Anniversary cards.  Very similar to the "cards your mom" series currently included with the 2010 Topps Baseball cards.  Difference?  They also included cards like this;

It was a good mix of the old and the new.  Then I saw on Ebay a card from this series listed at a ridiculous price.  On further inspection it was a gold 1/1.  Huh?  Gold 1/1?  Was anything 1/1 in 1982?  I can't find info to support this, perhaps you can.  Let me know in the comments.


  1. The funny thing is the photography in the Kmart cards will occasionally be a lot better than anything in the Topps flagship. The Drysdale, for example, is pretty awesome. The Hank Aaron (I think from the same 20th Anni set) outshines pretty much any other card Topps ever put out for Hank. It's an action shot of him batting---I think the only one Topps ever produced!

  2. I have this set and I don't believe there were any parallels made for it.

  3. The 1982 Kmart set is probably one of the most overproduced sets of all-time. I remember being able to pick up these sets for a dirt cheap (i.e. pennies) at my local card store when I was a kid.

    An interesting review of this set can be found on this site:

  4. Over produced? Yes. And yet, I don't have #21 in the set, Rich Allen. Go figure.