How We Classify Cards For Reviews

For reviews, All About Cards uses four classification levels.  Since there are different types of collectors with different needs and budgets, we approach each level differently to provide an effective rating system and to allow each card to be judged on its own merit.  Sometimes certain releases blur the lines between the classification levels, at which point we review the product within the category that is best suited for the type of collector that will find these cards desirable.

Fun Cards - These are cards are primarily intended for play and tend to hold the interest of younger collectors. Its more about collecting, not book value.  These can include Panini Adrenalyn, Topps Attax, Wacky Packages and Twilight "New Moon" Cards.

Trading Cards - These are cards that cater to set builders, primarily base card and insert sets with some hits sprinkled into the mix. They tend to be reasonably priced.  These can include Panini NBA Hoops Basketball, Press Pass Element, Panini Rookies and Stars Football and Topps Baseball Series 1 & 2.

Premium Cards - These cards are more about the hits.  These cards cater to prospectors and hit seeking collectors. Sure, there will be base cards, but collectors will be concentrating on low numbered cards, multi colored patches and autographs.   These cards also tend to carry a premium price with cards that can cost you anywhere between a few dollars up to about twenty dollars per card.  Some boxes of these cards carry the "High Risk, High Reward" nature of Ultra Premium cards but are more affordable for the average collector. These can include Panini Plates & Patches, Press Pass Showcase, Topps Triple Threads and Upper Deck SP Game Used.

Ultra Premium Cards - These are the true "High Risk, High Reward" cards that can cost $25 and more per card.  Collectors who purchase these cards understand that not every box will be a winner and are willing to take the chance to hit it big.  These can include ITG Ultimate Memorabilia, Panini National Treasures, Press Pass Five Star, Topps Five Star and Upper Deck The Cup.

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