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Hi and welcome to All About Sports Cards.

We provide sports and entertainment card reviews, video box breaks, hobby news, checklists and collecting tips all in one consumable blog bite. We cover every major and minor trading card company from the latest like Topps, Panini America, Upper Deck, Leaf, SA-GE, Cryptozoix, Rittenhouse Archives to vintage companies like Donruss, Fleer, Press Pass.  All the leagues, MLB, NBA, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLS. If there is a trading card made or collectable worth having, we will cover it.

All of this came about from a passion for sports cards and an ever growing busy lifestyle. Yes, there is plenty of information to be found about the hobby out there, but finding exactly what you want can take a lot of time surfing and even more time sorting through all the information.

That's why our posts are concise, getting you the information you need fast so you can get back to collecting.  That's also why we developed the SPEED-break. You get to see an entire box of trading cards opened and viewed in under 5 minutes, no matter how many cards there are to be found in the box.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out All About Sports Cards. If you have any questions that you can't find an answer to, feel free to send us an email.

Our email list.

On our side banner is an area to submit your email address. Once enrolled you will receive automatically generated emails from Blogger/Google's chosen service, FeedBurner. FeedBurner has their own terms of service and Privacy Policy. The amount of emails you will receive will vary depending on the amount of material written for the blog. If you have issues with the email service you are free to contact us, but since this service is automated, we will wind up referring you to FeedBurner to resolve the issue.

Our Trading Card Reviews.

All About Sports Cards does receive free review boxes directly from the card manufacturing companies, but without additional monitary compensation and not for every product we cover. All About Sports Cards uses review boxes to form opinions and observations about those cards, and will also use those boxes for our Box Break Recap and Reviews and/or Video Box Breaks. We take the responsibility of providing opinions without bias about these cards very seriously, whether we have received a review box or purchased one on our own.

eBay Advertisements

All About Sports Cards is proud to be an advertising affiliate of eBay. In addition to the eBay banner with various deals you see advertised on the side of our blog, you will also notice links attached to players names, types of cards and other areas within our posts.

Should you decide to click on an affiliate links, you will be taken to the eBay site, usually with a targeted search or single auction that corresponds to the name of the link. We are not compensated by those that run those auctions and more times than not we don’t even know the actual person running those auctions.  The hope is we are connecting you, the collector, with the cards you are interested in, pointing out current pricing trends, items we feel are news worthy or auctions of importance.

In no way are you charged for this service. By clicking on our affiliate links you will not incur any additional expense whether or not you bid on any item and/or win it.

We do get paid a small amount by eBay directly for each purchase made by anyone who clicks on our eBay affiliate links but that comes to us as a percentage of the fees that eBay normally collects, sort of like a finder’s fee.

Some of the ways we insert eBay listings into many of our posts include but not limited to text links, side column banners with real time listings, internal banners and text links inserted within various posts and various custom eBay widgets.

From time to time we will also use our Twitter Feed, Facebook Account and/or our YouTube Channel to direct followers/readers/subscribers to these posts that contain eBay affiliate links on the blog. We will also use eBay affiliate links directly within Youtube, Facebook and especially Twitter, including but not limited to timely updates and announcements of auctions that are ending soon.

If you are on our email list, there is a chance one or more of our affiliate links will be embedded exactly like it is here on our site. If you any reason you want to opt out, just use the normal FeedBurner unsubscribe process or contact us directly using the contact form at the right side of any page on the site.

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