Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Micro Collecting Sports Cards

When I was younger my collecting habits could easily have been categorized as “hoarding.” I opened anything and everything. I also held onto it all. 

Until recently, the daily attempt at being an adult has made my time limited. While I will still try to open at least one box of almost everything, my “collect and hold” habits have become more like my approach to trail mix, pick out the stuff I like, give the rest to some else. 

In these unique times, while we are sheltered in place, time is not an issue, but resources are limited. I’ve been doing more of what I call Micro Collecting. 

Monday, March 16, 2020

Topps Total is Here

The most comprehensive baseball card set that Topps has ever produced is back!

2020 Topps Total is available only at Topps.com 

The set includes a 900 card checklist released in nine waves, featuring a wide range of superstars, rookies, rising young stars and veterans. A new wave of 100 cards will be released on Fridays every 3 weeks and available in 10-card packs. Once the countdown clock expires, these cards will never be offered again.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

First Error Card In 2020 Topps Heritage Baseball Gets Pulled and It's Juan Soto

If you are a regular visitor to our site you know the only thing we LOVE more than each year's new release of Topps Heritage Baseball is the new batch of error cards to be found within the set. We have been covering Heritage Error Cards since 2011 when we were the first to spot an ARod image flip error on eBay before any even knew it was an error card. 

We are just as excited for this year. As quick as you can say "Boots Day" the first error card for 2020 Topps Heritage Baseball has been pulled, and here it is.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Friday, January 17, 2020

2020 Topps Million Card Rip Party Details and Complete List of Breakers and Breaks

Imagine taking delivery on 363 cases of 2020 Topps Baseball Series 1 Jumbos and ripping them all open in one day. 

Well, you don’t have to imagine what that would be like because that will be happening on February 4th in Arlington, Texas at AT&T Stadium as Topps hosts their Million Card Rip Party. Not only will you be able to watch the party, you can participate by purchasing personal boxes, cases and joining group breaks being conducted by the list of group breakers you’ll find later in this article.

In addition to watching all of those cards being ripped, there will be athletes in attendance, and Topps swag that will be given away with the breaks.

We’ve also included the types of ways you can purchase cards from the breakers. Some have already sold all their cards, some still have cards for sale, and some will be announcing ways to purchase their cards as the event gets closer. We will try to update this list as things change.

If you are new to group breaking here is an explanation of the terms used for the ways you can purchase cards. for veterans of group breaking, you can just skip to the list of breakers below.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

2019 Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball Cards Checklist and Card Tracker

Once again Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball Cards returns and remains THE premiere, most high end case of Baseball cards available. If purchasing a case is not within your reach, you can still own some of these amazing cards through group breaks that could net you an individual item far exceeding your spot price or purchasing them on the secondary market.

With the increase to 100 cases, the original plan was to skip the tracker for this year. Thanks to a good number of collectors that contacted me with kind words, letting me know how useful they have found having these pulls tracked, I decided to do the deep dive again to provide the most comprehensive listing of what has been pulled out of these cases you will find ANYWHERE. 

Please keep in mind this is not a small project. It takes plenty of research, tracking group breaks & individual social media postings plus contacting private collectors, some of whom are not even on social media, to find out what they have pulled from their private cases. I do this because I enjoy Transcendent as a release and because it is in line with why I started this site, to offer information that is not out there and present it in a way that can be quickly accessed.

I’ve embedded the tracker with links to eBay incase you want to try to buy individual Transcendent cards on the secondary market. If you know you will be bidding to win one of these cards on eBay, it would help me if you click through one of the links to get there.

Cards that have been pulled that are 1/1s will be noted as pulled and listed in bold and italic fonts. I will keep updating when a 1/1 items gets pulled. If you know of any additional items that are not listed as pulled, please contact me with as much information as you have, including the source of your information, so I can confirm it and add it to the list.

Side note -  Transcendent Collection autograph cards for Francisco Lindor were on the checklist that was issued by Topps, but not in cases. They were handed out during the VIP Party, along with autographs for Alex Rodriguez, and Clayton Kershaw.

What was not on the checklist but has been pulled are an Andre Dawson 1953 Topps Superfractor and a Derek Jeter TTYs 1/1 auto in 1971 Topps Hockey styling. It is possible that the Jeter is 72TH on the checklist, but for now I will leave it as is according to the checklist Topps released.


53S-AB Adrian Beltre Texas Rangers 
53S-AK Al Kaline Detroit Tigers 
53S-ARI Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs 
53S-BG Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals 
53S-CYE Christian Yelich Milwaukee Brewers 
53S-FL Francisco Lindor Cleveland Indians 
53S-HA Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves 
53S-HM Hideki Matsui New York Yankees 
53S-REJ Reggie Jackson Oakland Athletics 
53S-RHE Rickey Henderson Oakland Athletics 
53S-RA Ronald Acuña Jr. Atlanta Braves 
53S-SS Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs 

TCS-ATG Andre the Giant
TCS-BO Barack Obama
TCS-BY Brigham Young
TCS-COF Charlie O. Finley
TCS-FGJ Florence Griffith Joyner
TCS-GHB George H.W. Bush
TCS-GF Gerald Ford
TCS-HT Harry S. Truman
TCS-JRI Joan Rivers
TCS-JDR John D. Rockefeller
TCS-KN Kid Nichols
TCS-LF Leo Fender
TCS-PM Penny Marshall
TCS-RMA Rocky Marciano


TAL-I5 Ichiro Seattle Mariners 
TAL-KGJ4 Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners 
CSBN-TW Ted Williams Boston Red Sox 
DJ-1967 Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
DJ-1975 Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
DJ-1977 Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
DJ-1978 Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
DJ-1982 Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
DJ-2010 Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
DJ-2012 Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
DJ-2013 Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
DJ-84AS Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
DJ-91C Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
AP-AJU Aaron Judge New York Yankees 
AP-AB Adrian Beltre Texas Rangers 
AP-AR Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees 
AP-ARO Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners 
AP-AD Andre Dawson Montréal Expos 
AP-ADA Andre Dawson Montréal Expos 
AP-CK Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers 
AP-CKE Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers 
AP-DG Didi Gregorius New York Yankees 
AP-JA Jesus Aguilar Milwaukee Brewers 
AP-JT Jim Thome Chicago White Sox 
AP-JS John Smoltz Atlanta Braves 
AP-JBE Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds 
AP-JOA Jose Altuve Houston Astros 
AP-KD Khris Davis Oakland Athletics 
AP-MTA Masahiro Tanaka New York Yankees 
AP-MA Miguel Andujar New York Yankees 
AP-MCA Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers 
AP-REJ Reggie Jackson Oakland Athletics 
AP-RY Robin Yount Milwaukee Brewers 
AP-RCA Rod Carew California Angels 
AP-TR Tim Raines Montréal Expos 
AP-TB Trevor Bauer Cleveland Indians 
AP-TS Trevor Story Colorado Rockies 
AP-VGS Vladimir Guerrero Angels 
TCA-BJ (Platinum) Bo Jackson Kansas City Royals 
TCA-DJ (Red) Derek Jeter New York Yankees 
TCA-EJ (Red) Eloy Jimenez Chicago White Sox Rookie
TCA-JM (Platinum) J.D. Martinez Boston Red Sox 
TCA-JB (Platinum) Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds 
TCA-MR (Red) Mariano Rivera New York Yankees 
TCA-MC (Red) Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers 
TCA-RAJ (Red) Ronald Acuña Jr. Atlanta Braves 
TCA-SK (Platinum) Sandy Koufax Los Angeles Dodgers 
TCA-VGS (Platinum) Vladimir Guerrero Montréal Expos 
TCA-VGJ (Red) Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Toronto Blue Jays Rookie
 TCVA-BP (Platinum) Buster Posey San Francisco Giants 
 TCVA-CRJ (Red) Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles 
 TCVA-DO (Red) David Ortiz Boston Red Sox 
 TCVA-DS (Platinum) Deion Sanders Atlanta Braves 
 TCVA-HA (Platinum) Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves 
 TCVA-HM (Platinum) Hideki Matsui New York Yankees 
 TCVA-MMC (Platinum)Mark McGwire Oakland Athletics 
 TCVA-NR (Red) Nolan Ryan Texas Rangers 
 TCVA-PM (Red) Pedro Martinez Boston Red Sox 
 TCVA-SS (Platinum) Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs 
 TCVA-VGS (Red) Vladimir Guerrero Montréal Expos 
FFS-AD Andre Dawson Montréal Expos 
FFS-BJ Bo Jackson Kansas City Royals 
FFS-CJ Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves 
FFS-HW Honus Wagner Pittsburgh Pirates 
FFS-IS Ichiro Miami Marlins 
FFS-JP Jim Palmer Baltimore Orioles 
FFS-JM Joe Morgan Cincinnati Reds 
FFS-JMA Juan Marichal San Francisco Giants 
FFS-MR Mariano Rivera New York Yankees 
FFS-PG Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks 
FFS-PM Pedro Martinez Boston Red Sox 

Gold #/25
Emerald #/15
Purple #/10
Platinum 1/1 (see pulled cards above)
Red 1/1 (see pulled cards above)

Gold #/25
Emerald #/15
Purple #/10
Platinum 1/1 (see pulled cards above)
Red 1/1 (see pulled cards above)