Saturday, November 27, 2010

2005-06 The Cup Black Rainbow Alexander Ovechkin Rookie card 1/1 sold on eBay for a hefty sum

I told you earlier about the 2005-06 The Cup Rainbow Alexander Ovechkin Rookie Hockey Card, a 1/1, that was up for bids on eBay.  Well, the auction has ended and the card sold for the last reported bid of 9,189.00 US dollars.  Oh...  that plus $7.99 for shipping, which is what kept me out of the bidding.

I mean, really, you'd think at this price they could have thrown in the shipping for free.  But I understand, everyone has to make a buck.  You can't just give things away for free.  Unless, of course its coming from this blog and its one of our contests for a Free set of Baseball Cards, or a contest for several packs of Football Cards.  (By the way there are more contests in the works, so make sure to check here for details.)  But when it comes to shipping, thats an expense that's got to be paid, which, in the case of our prizes, is at my expense.  Just ask one of our recent winners.

Anyway, its a sweet card, but I have to ask again, do you think it was worth the close to $9,200 and would you pay that if you could?  Would you have guessed that this card would have went for that price?  If you were the seller, would you at least throw in the shipping at that point?  Leave us a comment.

Ovechkin fetchin' a large sum on eBay

There is just a little over seven hours left to get your hands on a special card.  Its a 2005-06 The Cup Black Rainbow Alexander Ovechkin Rookie Card 1/1.  All you need is the winning bid at 8:00 PM PST and the money to cover that bid which must beat the current bid that stands at 9,189.00 US Dollars.  Yep, you read that right.  Assuming there are no more bids after this one, you can have this card, with shipping, for just a shade under $9,300. This card is currently the most watched trading card on eBay with 682 followers and has cracked the top 10 most watched for the year.

Who says that hockey cards are not that valuable?  

We will let you know what it sold for when the bidding ends.

Friday, November 26, 2010

What did you get at the Blowout Cards Black Friday Sale?

Blowout Cards had a huge black friday sale on all types of hobby and sports cards.  They used Facebook and Twitter to announce the items up for sale throughout the day.  We want to know what you thought of the sale. Did you buy anything?  What was the best sale of the day?  What were you hoping for that didn't get discounted?  If there were one box of cards you would want at a drastically discounted price, what would it be?

Leave us a comment with your answers.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Reasons To Be Thankful, From A Card Collector's Perspective.

During this holiday of thanks, we asked our readers to tell us what they are thankful for when it comes to Sports Cards.  The themes are pretty universal.

82Redbirds said “1. I'm thankful for being a Cardinals fan (the greatest professional sports organization on the face of the planet). 2. I'm thankful for being unbiased.”  In comedy there is truth and I think we all feel this way about our favorite sports teams.

Spankee added “I'm thankful for having grown up around 5 current major leaguers: David Wright, Michael Cuddyer, BJ Upton, Justin Upton, and Scott Sizemore. It's still a bit strange to me everytime I see one of their cards.”  Knowing some ball players myself I can confirm this, it is weird, but great fun to see the people you care for do well.

Ratsdm shared “I am thankful that Panini seems to be pretty quick with getting out redemption cards.” Let’s hope that there is always competition in the marketplace, instead of monopolies.  Its what drives all involved to make a better product.  In turn, we, as collectors, benefit the most. 

Toppskid is “thankful that the local card shop and card shows are not totally dead yet. That being said, I'm also grateful for the internet, and how it can be used to find the cards I'm searching for much easier, as well as how it has given us the opportunity to be a part of the community of collectors out there.”  I have to agree.  We need the little family owned shops as much as we need the access to get the best deals possible.  Please support you local dealer, it will keep this hobby alive and vibrant. 

San Jose Fuji says “I'm thankful for having a wonderful hobby that helps reduce the everyday stress in my life. I'm thankful for all of the friendships, baseball card have helped build over the years.”  A great sentiment and one of the huge benefits of being involved in collecting.

For play at the plate “It has provided a connection between my youth and my adult life to my son.”  I started collecting with my father and developed a huge bond over these pieces of cardboard.  I hope some day to be able to pass it on.

I’m thankful for this blog and the opportunity to share my experience about collecting with you.  Thankful that so many of you actually take time out of your day to read what I have to say, its mind blowing that anyone cares.  I hope you get as much out of it as I get writing it.

Off the subject of sports cards, I know it has not been an easy year for so many of us, but today, on Thanksgiving,
 I am thankful for the many blessings of my life, the ones I tend to overlook on most days.

I am alive, healthy and free of pain.  
I am warm, clothed and content in my home.
 Tonight I will eat well with my entire family as well as my friends, people who make the moments of my life and 
give it meaning.
 There will be police, firemen and soldiers guarding my world so that I may enjoy this special time together with the people I love, a time of laughter and comfort. I am fortunate because for so many people, today came with uncertainty, pain and struggle. For some, today did not even come. 

I am thankful for so much in my life.  I hope that today is a great day for you and full of reasons to be thankful.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Topps extends the deadlines on its wrapper redemption programs

Topps has announced its extending the wrapper redemption program deadlines for 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball and 2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball until July 31st, 2011  

For every 24 hobby wrappers of 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball sent to the company, collectors will receive an exclusive 3-card pack of Topps Chrome Rookies & Legends variation cards.  In addition, every tenth 3-card pack will feature special refractor versions. The 15-card set includes Jason Heyward, Austin Jackson, Stephen Strasburg, Mike Leake, Buster Posey, Starlin Castro, Ike Davis, Carlos Santana, Mike Stanton, Tyler Colvin, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig , Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle.

For every (18)  hobby wrappers of 2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball sent to Topps, collectors will receive and exclusive 5-card pack containing black bordered parallels of 2010 Bowman Baseball.  All 110 prospects from 2010 Bowman are included.  Within this exclusive pack, collectors can also look for the following; 

1 - 37 card USA Baseball Bowman Chrome Black Bordered Autographs #’d to 25 featuring the 2010 Collegiate National Team and the 2010 18U National Team. 

2 - 5-card Bowman Chrome Rookies & Prospects Autographs #’d to 100 featuring Buster Posey, Mike Stanton, Mike Moustakas, Miguel Sano and Dustin Ackley. 

3 - Because of a production error, the previously announced Autographed 2010 Bowman Chrome USA BUYBACK program will now be included as part of this wrapper redemption.  Cards will be sequentially numbered with foil stamping to 100 and will include Bryce Harper, James Taillon, Yasmani Grandal, Drew Pomeranz, Michael Choice, Christian Colon, Manny Machado and Bryce Brentz.

What are you thankful for... sports card wise?

As we all gear up for family, friends, football and a tryptophan coma tomorrow, its that time of year to look back and ponder the things that make us thankful.

I'm prepping a post for Thanksgiving day that will include a general consensus of what we, as collectors, are thankful for in terms of the cards we collect.

Please leave your comments here.   I'm thankful for your input.

Still time to vote for the most popular Topps baseball cards for their 60th Anniversary

Time is running out to vote for the most popular Topps baseball card of all-time.  You got a last chance to go to to vote for your favorite Topps baseball cards of all-time.  After voting closes, Topps will be counting down from number 60 beginning on December 18 through February 15 when the greatest baseball card in Topps history will be revealed. Topps will then buy back each of the 60 cards that made the list and include them in 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball product.  So get your votes in while you still can.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Congrats to Sports Card Radio on 10,000 posts

In an early post, I've always depended on the kindness of strangers, I wrote about winning a contest on a great site, Sports Card Radio.  They have a great fan forum, easy going people posting, and its run by two really nice guys, Colin and Ryan, who give of their time and resources to make it one of the best places on the net for card collectors of all kinds.

Two nights ago, as I was posting on the fan forum, I noticed I contributed post number 9,900.  Much like the giddy anticipation of the odometer on your car turning over to your next mileage milestone, I thought it would be really cool to get post 10,000 and figured it would take at least two days to get there.  But it was not meant to be.   They hit their milestone of 10,000 posts before I even got home last night.

Why the surge in posts?  Could it be the four boxes of hobby cards they are giving away this week alone?

Now I understand I'm decreasing my chances of winning these cards by sending traffic to their site because it is so easy to get in on these contests.  All you really have to do is join the fan forum and post.  But these guys and their site deserve the extra traffic.  They do a fabulous job with their checklists, podcasts, forum and whole bunch of other stuff.  They even mail the prizes at their expense, free to you, and I know those mailing costs are coming out of their own pockets.   I feel they must be supported, even at the cost of decreasing my odds of winning something.  So to get in on their contests, go to their fan forum using this link.

So congratulation to and I'll be looking forward to getting post number 20,000.

Sneak Peek at 2010/11 Donruss Hockey Cards

Hey you Hockeypucks, here's a sneak peek at the 2010/11 Donruss Hockey cards slated for a December 1st release. The are close to the feel of the recent Score Hockey release, but definitely an upgrade.
And really, how can you go wrong when your se includes a Willa Ford card?

I'll display one of each type of card.  To check out more variations head on over to Panini's blog.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Six... no, scratch that... Sixteen degrees of Joe Namath.

Each year new people get hooked on football and become the game's newest fans.  A local NFL franchise becomes the easy default for these newly found football fanatics, but sometimes you don't have a team in your city, or your state, or even your region for that matter.   Then it becomes a game or series of games that you might see on TV that inspire you to follow a team.

With their dramatic wins telecast over the past three weeks, it is quite possible that the New York Jets have picked up some new fans across the country.  I would discourage those who have a medical history of heart problems from following the Jets.  But for those who are good with potential heartbreak and disappointment, I've put together a guide, six degrees of Kevin Bacon style, showing how the Jets have gone from Joe Namath, quarterback the last time the Jets won the Superbowl, almost 42 years ago, to Mark Sanchez, their current quarterback and man responsible for the recent late game comeback heroics.

Joe Namath 1965 - 1976
"Joe Willie," "Broadway Joe," "The Face of the Franchise," Joe Namath was, without question, the greatest quarterback to lead the Jets.  The pride of the Crimson Tide or as Bear Bryant referred to him "the greatest athlete I ever coached" Namath led Alabama to a National Championship and then led the New York Jets to a Superbowl III win after guaranteeing a victory.  Its the only time the Jets have made a Superbowl appearance.  Besides selling panty hose and shaving cream,  Namath tried acting and color commentating.  He was elected to the Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

Richard Todd 1977, 1979 - 1983
Another starting quarterback from the Alabama Crimson Tide, Todd was drafted in the first round by the Jets in 1976.  After Namath went to the Los Angeles Rams. Todd took over as the Jets starting quarterback.  He set the record for most completions in a game, 42, which was eventually broken by Drew Bledsoe in 1994.  But Todd is mostly remembered for another record, most interceptions thrown in a season in 1980.   Todd actually threw more interceptions than touchdowns.  This became a sign of things to come for future New York Jets quarterbacks, never being able to live up to Namath's reputation.

Matt Robinson 1978
Matt Robinson, out of the University of Georgia, served briefly as a starter for the Jets, but mostly as a back up. He went on to play for the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bills.

Pat Ryan 1984
Pat Ryan was a long time backup for the Jets, 1978 - 1990 and briefly led the team in 1984.  Out of the University of Tennessee, he was selected late in the 1978 draft and played his last season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ken O'Brien 1985 - 1991
First round draft pick out of UC Davis, drafted three picks before Dan Marino, O'Brien threw for 25,094 yards in his career.  He went to the Pro Bowl in 1985 and 1991.  He was considered one of the most accurate passers to ever play the game.  With a better team, O'Brien could have been one of the game's greats.

Browning Nagle 1992
Selected in round 2 of the draft, out of Louisville, Nagle was picked right after the Falcons select another future New York Jets quarterback, Brett Favre.

Boomer Esiason 1993 - 1995
A second round draft pick out of the University of Maryland, Boomer Esiason gained most of his notoriety while playing with the Cincinnati Bengals.  His time with the New York Jets was uneventful.  By the time he finished his career, he had gone to the Pro Bowl four times and was named the NFL MVP for 1988, the same year he led the Bengals to the Superbowl, just barely losing to the 49ers 20 to 16.

Frank Reich 1996
Just like Esiason, Reich was a graduate of the University of Maryland and his tenure with the Jets was uneventful.  Frank Reich is currently the quarterback coach for the Indianapolis Colts.

Neil O'Donnell 1997
Also out the the University of Maryland, he took the Jets to an 0-6 record before a suffering season ending shoulder injury.  Quite a few fans were happy to see him go.

Vinny Testaverde 1998, 2000 - 2001 (back up until 2005)
A Heisman Trophy winner in 1986 out of the University of Miami.  Testaverde holds the NFL records for most touchdown passes to a different player (70 players), the most consecutive seasons throwing a touchdown pass (21 consecutive) the second highest completion percentage in a single game (91.3% 21/23)  So why does the name Testaverde still send shivers down the spines of NY Jets fans?  Maybe it's his other NFL record for most career losses by a starting quarterback (123)

Ray Lucas 1999
A graduate of Rutgers, Lucas spent most of his career as a backup quarterback.  He started for the Jets when Vinny Testaverde was injured at the beginning of the 1999 season.  He led the team to an 8-8 record.  Lucas followed Bill Parsells from the New England Patriots to the Jets and finished his career with the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens.

Chad Pennington 2002 - 2007
Picked number 18 in the first round of the 2000 NFL draft, Chad Pennington brought new life and hope to the Jets franchise and fans because of his exceptional skills.  Coming in as a replacement for Testaverde, Pennington took the 1-4 Jets and led them to a 9-7 record, winning the AFC East division championship.  Jets fans finally thought they had a chance to win it all until the next season when Pennington took a nasty hit, fracturing and dislocating his non throwing hand.  But that great hope resurfaced in the 2004 season when Pennington led the Jets to a 5-0 start.  But then he injured his rotator cuff.  He has never been the same.

Brooks Bollinger 2005
Bollinger only made the pain of losing Pennington worse.  He never really clicked with the team. He went on to play for the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, and Detroit Lions before finding his current home with the Florida Tuskers of the UFL where he was named the league's MVP in 2009.

Kellen Clemens 2007
Out of the University of Oregon, Kellen Clemens has been with the Jets since 2006, mostly as the backup QB. Clemens became a starter when Pennington was pulled for bad performance in 2007.  To date, he's only started in nine game, eight of them coming in 2007 and has a 4-5 record.

Brett Favre 2008
Out of the University of Southern Mississippi, he was the longtime quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, but as mentioned earlier, he was originally drafted by the Atlanta Falcons.  His career accomplishments are well known, clearly he is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.  But Jets fans were more excited to see him leave the team than they were when it was announced that Favre was coming out of retirement to become a Jet.  A member of the Minnesota Vikings for two seasons now, as I discussed in a previous post, it just might be time for him to retire. 

Mark Sanchez 2009 - present
After three championship seasons with the Trojans of USC, Mark Sanchez bypassed his senior year to enter the 2009 NFL.  The New York Jets traded to get an earlier draft position and picked up Sanchez in the first round, the fifth player to be drafted that year.  Sanchez has brought new life back to the franchise and grows as a player with each game.  

With Rex Ryan as Head Coach and other Jets like Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Mike DeVito, John Conner, Braylon Edwards, Shaun Ellis, D'Brickahaw Ferguson, Santonio Holmes,  Dustin Keller, Nick Mangold, Jason Taylor and LaDainian Tomlinson, Jets fans are starting to hope, and against their better judgement, starting to feel like this team could be headed for a Superbowl some time in the near future.  But as a Jets fan, you must keep those feelings in check.  Forty two years of disappointment have proven you can't get too excited too early.