Friday, January 28, 2011

Topps gives 2011 Gypsy Queen Baseball Cards the Royal Treatment.

We've told you its all about precious stones for this year's Topps baseball card releases.  And speaking of diamonds, how about the one Prince William just gave to Kate Middleton?  Its his mum's ring, Diana, Princess of Wales, which, of course has special meaning.

So its fitting now that Topps is currently gearing up for its all-new 2011 Gypsy Queen Baseball card release that part of the product’s fun will be giving collectors a chance to find Gypsy cards including variations featuring gypsy jewels.  Building on the “jewels” theme, Topps is adding a special “Royal Jewels” card featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton in celebration of their wedding on April 29th... right when Gypsy Queen hits hobby shelves.
More deatils are filtering about the set, but at present its looking like Gypsy Queen Baseball will have a 350-base card set and every box will include 4 hits - 2 Autographs & 2 Relics.


  1. Another expense put onto the UK Tax payer!

  2. I like the look of this set. I might have to sample a few packs.

  3. Royal Jewels? Seriously? I'll pass...

  4. It's in all the UK newspapers today that Anarchists are targetting the wedding all week long!