Monday, January 24, 2011

Here are the answers to our bonus entry questions based on cards from the 2010 Panini Century Collection.

Hopefully folks that answered our questions based on cards from the 2010 Panini Century Collection had as much fun answering them as I had coming up with them.

For the most part, everyone did pretty well, but only two of you got all three questions right, so congratulations to Mark A. and beardy on your perfect answers.   For the rest of you, here are the correct answers to the questions.

1 - The four professional athletes who have won the Presidential Medal of Freedom and are represented with cards in the 2010 Panini Century Collection are;

Joe DiMaggio who received his in 1977

Frank Robinson who received his in 2005

Jackie Robinson who received his posthumously in 1984

Ted Williams who received his in 1991

2 - The four unusual Oscar winners, not including honorary Oscar recipients, who are represented with cards in the 2010 Panini Century Collection are:

Bing Crosby, known primarily as a recording artist, was nominated three times, with one win for Best Actor in a Leading Role in "Going My Way" in 1945.

Frank Sinatra, known primarily as a recording artist, was nominated twice, with one win for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in "From Here to Eternity" in 1954.

Charles "Charlie" Chaplin, known primarily as an Actor, was nominated four times, with one win for Best Music, Original Dramatic Score for "Limelight" in 1973.  It may seem weird that a film released  in 1952 would win an Oscar 20 years later.  Limelight was not released in Los Angeles until 1972 and by Academy Awards rules, this made it eligible for nominations in 1973.

George Burns, known primarily for his long successful TV career, won his Oscar, the only time he was nominated, at the age of 80 after 9 successful seasons of the George Burns and Gracie Allen Show and 18 years on television.  His role as Al Lewis in "The Sunshine Boys" won him the Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar in 1976.  He wasn't nominated for an Emmy until the age of 82 and didn't win an Emmy until 1990 at the age of 94.

3  - The question was tell us the names of the astronauts that have a card in the 2010 Panini Century Collection who flew to the moon, but didn't make it to the surface.  There are only 2 astronauts that fit both the conditions of having a card and flying to the moon without making it to the surface and they are:

Dick Gordan, who flew on Apollo 12, stayed behind as Pete Conrad and Alan Bean landed on the moon.  Gordan was slated to land on the moon aboard Apollo 18 before that mission was canceled.

Al Worden, who flew on Apollo 15, stayed behind as David Scott and James Irwin landed on the moon and were the first ones to ride around on the lunar rover.

So those are the correct answers.  I want you all to know, when I saw answer that were not what I had, I went ahead and rechecked the wording of the question to make sure there couldn't be another answer.  So let me explain why the other answers were incorrect.

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Everyone got this one right, way to go!

Academy Awards

James Cagney and Judy Garland were primarily film actors that won Oscars for acting.

Vivian Vance, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball never won an Oscar.

Jackie Gleason and Duke Ellington were nominated, but never won an Oscar.

With Bette Davis, perhaps some of you thought she could be considered for the TV Star part of the question because she wasn't a recording artist and she didn't win an Oscar for music.  She did have somewhat of a TV career later in life but I think the first 25 years of her career, when she created some of the most memorable movie roles like Margo in "All About Eve" make her primarily a film actress.  Even after she started taking TV roles, she returned to film time and time again, performing in more great roles like Baby Jane Hudson in "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"


Walt Cunningham (Apollo 7) and Rusty Schweickart (Apollo 9) were on missions that did not leave low earth orbit which, at its highest is 1,240 miles from the earth's surface. They would have had to travel about another 237,500 miles towards the moon for these answers to be correct.

Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, William Anders, Tom Stafford, Michael Collins, Jack Swigert, Fred Hais, Stuart Roosa, Ken Mattingly and Ronald Evans do not have cards in the 2010 Panini Century Collection.

I hope you enjoyed these bonus questions and the challenge they presented.  I promise the next time there is a chance for bonus contest entries the task will be easier.

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