Friday, January 28, 2011

Our contest is almost closed to new entries. You can pick up ten additional entries. This is your last opportunity to pick up extra chances to win.

Want a chance to pick up ten additional entries to our contest?  Keep reading.

Time is running out to get in on our contest where one person will win all the cards you see above.  But this is just the beginning.  We have lots more planned for this year, so make sure you stick around after the contest and check in often.  Besides great stories, news and reviews, we will have more contests but the amount of time you'll have to get in on them will be much less.

If you are here for the first time and don't have an entry, use this link to get in on our contest. 

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 If you look at out header it say we are The Home of the SPEED-break™.  oIf you don't know what that is you can check out am explanation of it from our previous post using this link  For a chance to get bonus entries you have to reference our YouTube Channel, found using this link.      

You'll get one bonus entry for each question you answer correctly.  Answer all six correctly and your six correct answers will net you ten bonus entries.  This is our last chance blowout.  You'll have until 4:30 PM PST on Saturday, January 29, 2011 by leaving a comment on this post with your answers.

Here are the questions. 

1 - In our 2010 Topps Baseball Update Series Jumbo HTA Box SPEED Break at All About Cards video we pulled two Turkey Reds from pack number two (2).  Name the player on the second Turkey Red we pulled in that pack.

2-  In our breaks we show you every type of card you could pull from a box.  In our 2010 Panini Gridiron Gear Hobby Box SPEED break at All About Cards Early Mojo video one of the inserts in this set is “NFL Gridiron Signatures.”  Name the player that is on the “NFL Gridiron Signatures” card we used.

3 - In our 2010 Topps NFL Football Trading Cards Jumbo HTA Box SPEED-break at All About Cards video, what percentage of the base card set did we get out of this box?

4 -In our 2010 Topps Baseball Series 2 Hobby Box SPEED-break™ at All About Cards video, name the player on the card that we ranked the number eight hit of the box.

5 - For the 2010 Topps Tribute Baseball card release, there are five cards per pack. In our 2010 Topps Tribute Baseball Box Break at All About Cards video name all five cards we pulled from the fourth (4) pack.

6 - In our 2010 Panini Limited Football Box Break at All About Cards video we pulled a Legend Card.  Name the player on that card.

Good luck to all.


  1. 1) Ichiro

    2) AAron Rodgers

    3) 95%

    4) Tom Seaver

    5) Derek Jeter 205, Montegue vs. Capuletts Rivalry, Thurmun Munson, Gordon Beckham Dual jersey/auto, and Joe Mauer sn'd.

    6) Daryle Lamonica

    Thanks for a fun contest.

  2. 1 - Rogers Hornsby

    2 - Patrick Robinson

    3 - 419/440 Base cards for 95%

    4 - Tom Seaver Reprint

    (I do like that Ryan Howard card as well)

    5 - Derek Jeter 205, #98 Montagues vs Capulets, Thurmon Munson base, Gordon Beckham Double Jersey Auto 30/99, Joe Mauer 317/399

    (I really like that Moby Dick Rivalry card, I have a Phoney Bone as Captain Ahab tattoo on my right arm)

    6 - Daryle Lamonica "The Mad Bomber"

    and thanks again for a GReat contest. I really hope I win something.

  3. 1: Ichiro
    2: Aaron Rodgers
    3: 95%
    4: tom seaver
    5: jeter 205,montagues and capulets rivalries,thurman munson,gordon beckham dual relic auto,joe mauer 317/399
    6: daryle lamonica

  4. Great breaks... hadn't watched a couple of these before.

    #1 - Ichiro Suzuki Turkey Red
    #2 - Aaron Rodgers NFL Gridiron Signatures
    #3 - 95% of the base set
    #4 - Tom Seaver
    #5 - Topps 205 Jeter, Rivalries: Montagues vs. Capulets, Thurman Munson, Gordon Beckham double jersey auto, Joe Mauer
    #6 - Daryle Lamonica

  5. Hi!
    I already have 2 entries and have sent you an email with answers to all 6 questions. Thanks for the contest!
    Michael (

  6. 1. Ichiro Turkey Red #2 from pack #2

    2. NFL Gridiron Sig = Aaron Rodgers

    3. 95 % of the basecards (419/440). Technically, 95.227 %, but that's not what you were looking for. We'll just round down.

    4. #8 hit = Tom Seaver reprint.

    5. Jeter 205, Montagues and Capulets Rivalries, Thurman Munson, Gordan Beckham (double jersey/auto), Joe Mauer.

    6. Daryle Lamonica.

    This has been one of the better run contests that I've seen. Engaging and a high quality prize. Thanks again for putting this on.

  7. 1.Ichiro, 2. Aaron Rodgers,3. 95 percent, 4. tom seaver, 5. derek jeter 205, greatest rivalries-capulet vs. montagues, thurman munson, gordon beckham dual jersey auto, joe mauer, 6. daryl lamonica

  8. 1.ichiro, 2. aaron rodgers, 3. 95 %, 4.tom seaver 5. derek jeter 205, greatest rivalries-capulets vs montagues, thurman munson, gordon beckham dual jersey auto, joe mauer. 6. daryl lamonica

  9. 1. Ichiro
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. 95%
    4. Tom Seaver
    5. Derek Jeter
    Montagues vs Capulets
    Thurman Munson
    Gordon Beckham
    Joe Mauer
    6. Daryle Lamonica

    These questions were much more fun to answer! Thanks again for the great contest.

  10. 1. Ichiro

    2. Aaron Rodgers

    3. 95%

    4. Tom Seaver

    5. Derek Jeter Topps 205, Montagues vs. Capulets Rivalries, Thurman Munson Base, Gordon Beckham Dual Jersey/Auto #'d 30/99, Joe Mauer #'d 317/399

    6. Daryle Lamonica

  11. I've also joined/subscribed/I hope I got it right?, your youtube channel thingy. But I had to use MyDawgpound as a username.

  12. 1. Ichiro Suzuki
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. 95%
    4. Tom Seaver Reprint
    5. Deek Jeter 205,
    Montagues & Capulets,
    Thurman Munson,
    Gordon Beckham Dual Jersey Auto /99,
    JOe Mauer /299.
    6. Daryle LaMonica

    Hope it's all good, really enjoyed re watching those breaks.

  13. 1) Ichiro is the Turkey Red
    2)Aaron Rodgers was the example you used.
    3) You received 95% of the base set
    4) 8th hit of the box: Tom Seaver reprint
    5) 4th pack: Topp205 Derek Jeter, Rivalries: Montagues vs. Capulets, Thurman Munson, Gordon Beckham 2x jersey/auto 30/99, Joe Mauer 317/399
    6)The legend was Daryle Lamonica

  14. Answers:

    1) Ichiro
    2) Aaron Rodgers
    3) 95%
    4) Tom Seaver
    5) Derek Jeter Topps 205
    Rivalries: Montagues vs. Capulets
    Thurman Munson
    Gordon Beckham Double Jersey/Auto #ed 30/99
    Joe Mauer #ed 317/399
    6) Daryle Lamonica

  15. 1. Ichiro
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. 95%
    4. Tom Seaver reprint
    5. Jeter 205; Weird Shakespeare Greatest Rivalries; Thurman Munson; Gordon Beckham 2xjersey + auto; Mauer #d/399
    6. Daryle Lamonica