Saturday, January 29, 2011

As our contest comes to the end of the road, here's a shout out to those who entered.

Please play the video below softly in the background while you read this post.

So this is it.  Our contest is officially closed.

We’ve been together on this for a long time, baby.  For some of you, our early adopters, since the beginning of December.  And some of you have just found us today.

We’ve had some good times, haven’t we?  Sports Card news, box breaks, card reviews and fun articles.  Yes, we’ve done it all.

But we realize some of you, (and we hate to say this) are just here for the contest, that’s all.  Using us for the cards we can give you.  We know that you’ll leave us as soon as we tell you who won the contest and that breaks our heart, baby. 

Some of you have cheated on us.  Oh yes… entering using multiple ID’s or trying to get entries without following the rules.  We’ve even caught those that tried to deceive us because IP addresses don’t lie and rules are rules.  You’ve done us wrong, baby, and we’ve tried to forgive, but it still hurts.

So for those of you that stick around, even after all of this is over, we want you to know one thing.  We love you.  And we are going to keep bringing you all the things you want… all the things you need from a sports card blog the best way we know how.

We’ve got a lot of things planned for the future, good times ahead.  But, of course, the most important thing in a relationship is communication.  We want to hear your thoughts, ideas, opinions… your dreams.  It will make us a better blog.  And that’s what you want from us… right?

Yes… there will be future contests and some of you that plan on leaving us will return.  And we just might take you back because… well… baby… we never wanted you to go in the first place.  But know this, we will do our best to stay strong, maybe even opening up the contests only to those who stayed with us.

But if you must go, please understand, we will still be here… proud… with lots to offer. 

We will take the week to gather, confirm and finalize all the entries.  Expect announcements of the other 2010 Sports Card Awards winners including those in our Fan Favorite categories, some new box breaks, reviews, news and winners of our Early Adopters Prize and Fan Voting Prize, all leading up to the announcement of our Grand Prize winner during half time of Super Bowl XLV.

So, for some of you, at least we’ve got one more week together and it’s gonna be a big one.   Let’s make it a week we’ll never forget.


  1. Hilarious. The song really does make it better.

  2. Thanks for a fun trip. You have a cool blog and run a hell of a contest.

  3. Surely a better half time than the Black Eyed Peas!

  4. I'm just glad to have found you guys! The contest was a bonus. Of course, I hope you have plenty more contests later, but I'm just as interested in hearing what you guys have to say about my favorite hobby!

    Oh, and I linked to you guys from my new blog. I haven't gotten any traffic yet, so please stop by sometime. I'm @

    Thanks guys!