Monday, December 6, 2010

Year end Sports Card Awards and your chance to vote & win a prize package

Do you feel there are not enough awards shows, that so many important achievements go unrecognized?  Are you upset there is no longer a Grammy given for Best Polka Album?  Do you wait with bated breath for the results of the Stella Awards, given to people who file outrageous and frivolous lawsuits, or hope one day to win a Shorty, the award given for best Tweet on Twitter in over 26 categories?  Well… you are exactly the type of person we are looking for.

With extreme pride, and a considerable amount of smugness, All About Cards announces its First Annual Sports Card Awards but we need your help to make them successful.  In addition to awards for best cards in all sports, there will be three awards chosen by you, the collector.  Yes… you have just been selected to join our Blue Ribbon Panel.  You will be voting on the following three categories.

Sickest Card of the Year
Fan Favorite Set of the Year
Box most likely to contain Mojo

Of course, every awards show gives out SWAG to it participants and we are no different.  One lucky member of our Blue Ribbon Panel will walk away with a prize package.  We will let you know what that prize is as we get closer to announcing the award winners.  As always with All About Cards, we like to give “early adopters” extra chances to win, so leave us a comment with some of your thoughts on the above categories like which cards you think should be nominated and the extra entry for the prize package is yours.

Look for our nominations announcement later in this week.


  1. Sickest Card of the Year: Stephen Strausburg 1/1 jersey card
    Fan Favorite Box of the Year: Panini's Rookies and Stars
    Box most likely to contain Mojo: Panini Limited Basketball 2010-2011
    (by Miami6)

  2. Sickest Card of the Year:
    Topps #661 - Stephen Strausburg (everyone wants one)
    Fan Favorite Box of the Year:
    Allen & Ginter (endless possibilities for set building with its relics, autos and parallels)
    Box most likely to contain Mojo:
    Topps Chrome Baseball (simply because of the wrapper redemption - could possibly get some sick-mojo cards)

  3. Sickest Card - In The Game Potvin Glove Card
    Favorite Box - Panini Threads Basketball
    Mojo Box- Topps Triple Threads NFL

  4. I am baseball fan so...

    Illest card -- Strasburg Superfracter from Bowman 2010
    Fav Box -- Topps Chrome
    Mojo Box-- Topps triple Threads baseball

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  6. Strausburg 1/1 jersey card kind of ridiculous. 1 of 1 seems stupid, it almost doesn't count as it was not even really printed. It was made for one individual.