Saturday, December 11, 2010

Contest update for the 2010 Sports Card Awards and last chance to pick up an extra entry

UPDATE:  For Contest and voting details, use this link.

Here are links to see the Nominees

The Sickest Card of the Year - use this link
Fan Favorite Set - use this link
Box Most Likely to Contain Mojo - use this link

This is your last chance to get an extra entry (SORRY. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS TO THIS POST NO LONGER COUNT TOWARDS EARLY ENTRIES)  for what is shaping up to be a really nice, rather large prize package of a several hobby boxes of sports cards.  I'm not releasing the actual prize info yet, but its the kind of contest prize I would be happy to win.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your suggestion for the following three award categories that you, the collectors, will vote on;

Sickest Card of the Year
Fan Favorite Set of the Year
Box most likely to contain Mojo

But do it TODAY, because as soon as we make our announcements, this phase of the contest is over. (THIS PHASE IS NOW OVER)

Want to pick up another entry?  Spread the word about our awards and this contest.  You can post a link on your blog and for those that don't have a blog, post a topic on your favorite site of forum.  Email us the link to AllAboutCardsAwards (at) Yahoo (dot) com and if it can be verified, you'll get an additional entry.


  1. I am glad you reminded me. I had been thinknig about the categories and had forgotten to comment.

    For sickest card of the year: I have to think outside the box and say the Million Card Giveaway code cards...yes it's not ONE card, but those cards set off a lot of activity and conversation. The thrill of pulling a '52 and the devastation of pulling an '89 is quite a broad range. The cards also offered an extremely unique way of providing an outlet for people to trade for the rare cards they might need to complete an old set.

    Fan Favorite Set of the Year: Since UD Masterpieces is no more, it's got to be Allen and Ginter. Just a great looking set with a lot of variety.

    Box most likely to contain mojo: I might go for something a little offbeat and say Tristar Obak. Had some very unique autos and a fair chance at a hot box with a ton of autos.

  2. Sickest Card of the Year: Stephen Strausburg 1/1 jersey card
    Fan Favorite Box of the Year: Panini's Rookies and Stars
    Box most likely to contain Mojo: Panini Limited Basketball 2010-2011
    (by Miami6)

  3. Sickest Card of the Year: 2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Strasburg, not only because of the selling price, but because of the hype and attention.
    Fan Favorite Box: 2010 Topps Series 1 Baseball
    Box Most Likely to Contain Mojo: 2010 Topps Chrome Football

  4. 1. Sickest card: I'm partial to any of the jumbo patch relics from Topps Triple Threads, but let's go with the Mauer sleeve patch seen here (with many other huge hits:
    2. Box of the year: Donruss EEE. 6+ hits (and hot boxes!) including some great players, and few to no quality control issues (I'm looking at you, Topps)
    3. Box most likely to contain mojo: 2010 Topps Triple Threads football: just so many big rookies to pull, and lots of 1/1s

    Great contest! I did a quick post to announce it here,

  5. Sickest ~ 2010 Topps Triple Threads booklet /3. One side is gu bat, gu jersey, and auto while the other side is a full panel gu patch.

    Fan Fav. ~ 2010 Ginter. Seems like everybody was waiting for that set to come out.

    Best Mojo ~ 2010 Triple Threads. Thay had some great looking hits in that set.

  6. Sickest - I'm partial to the Update Black Bat Barrel's - Yaz would be my choice:

    Fan Fav - Chicle. Laugh, sure, but some people actually really liked it after the initial fallout. Bowman had a lot of fanfare but I'm not sure it was a fav.

    Best Mojo - Triple Threads looked the best on the blogs. Bowman made a lot of people a lot of money though.

  7. Sickest-After reading Spankee's comment, I'll have to agree with his assessment of the MCG cards.
    (this) fan's favorite set of the year-2010 Panini Score NFL. I like the crispness of the cards. No fancy-shmancy stuff like Topps, but no boring stuff like UD.
    Box most likely to contain mojo-It seems like most of the commenters above have mentioned this one already, but Triple Threads.

  8. Sickest ~ the next relic I pull from a pack, cause it would be my first.

    Fan Favorite ~ 2010 Allen & Ginter, wide variety of subject and cards.

    Best Mojo ~ The box with the Million Card giveaway that unlocks the 52 Mantle.

    thanks to prophet got it... for showing me the way to this contest, and thanks to you for offering it to us. Happy Holidays!

  9. Sickest ~ Strasburg. Any of them.

    Fan Favorite ~ Allen and Ginter, I guess...

    Best Mojo ~ Triple threads. I can't afford it and wouldn't anyway, but its just crazy enough to be fun too look at.

  10. Sickest Card of the Year:
    Topps #661 - Stephen Strausburg ( This card was on fire when it came out)
    Fan Favorite Box of the Year:
    Allen & Ginter (It's the best set every year, hands down)
    Box most likely to contain Mojo: Tristar Obak (The Mojo in their boxes where mad cool with all kinds of autos and fun mini's)

  11. Sickest Card of the Year: Take your pick of Stasburg

    Fan Favorite Set of the Year: Allen & Ginter. Blew up the blogosphere this summer

    Box most likely to contain Mojo: Triple Threads has some great looking stuff, although I wouldn't know personally

  12. -Sickest card of the year: Strausburg 1/1 Superfractor

    -Fan Fav set is def: Allen & Ginter (just too much variety to ignore)

    -Box most likely to contain Mojo: '10 Panini Hall of Fame Basketball. (What other box can you buy for $60-$80 and get 4 auto/jersey cards of only Hall of Famers? On-card auto'd noless)

    Thanks for the contest!!!

  13. Sickest Card of the Year: 09/10 Court Kings "Box Topper on-card Auto" Kobe Bryant

    Fan Favorite Set of the Year: 10/11 Score Hockey

    Box most likely to contain Mojo: 09/10 The Cup Hockey

  14. Sickest Card of the Year: 2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Strasburg,

    Fan Favorite Box: 2010 Donrus EEE, was just part of a group break of this stuff and its great!

    Box Most Likely to Contain Mojo: Certainly nothing I've opened but apparently the new Nascar cards that are going for $600 a box with like five cards in a box. That is f'n crazy. You get redemptions for full firesuits, and a Jr Helmet, so even though I don't know or care about NASCAR the owner of the LCS blew my mind talking about these things.

  15. Sickest Card Of The Year: 2010 Obak Sibby Sisti. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, go look that bad boy up!

    Fan Favorite Box: '10 Heritage. Despite the fact that they left Strasburg out (rackin' frackin' National-exclusive card, rackin' frackin' rookie card rules), I'd been waiting years for this set to come out. Very happy with the end results (and I got the stinkin' National card, ha!).

    Box Most Likely to Contain Mojo: '10 Bowman. Only box I pulled an auto out of this year, so I'm going with it.

  16. Sickest Card of the Year: Bowman Strasburg Superfractor 1/1 (partly because of its importance to the hobby)

    Fan Favorite Set of the Year: Allen & Ginter

    Box most likely to contain Mojo: I'll go with Topps Sterling. Those cards are sweet.

  17. Sickest - Anything with Jason Heyward's autograph on it. If I have to choose one, the Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor.

    Set of the year - Tristar Obak is my favorite set of 2010 and it's not even close.

    Mojo Box - Mojo is an illusion. A siren song from the card manufacturers designed to make collectors crash and burn on the rocky shores of economic reality. If you want a 'sweet mojo hit' JUST BUY THE DANG CARD ALREADY. YOU'LL SAVE LOTS OF MONEY AND YOUR SANITY TO BOOT. That being said, what the hell, 2010 Bowman I guess.

  18. Sickest Card - I'll take a more personal route with this answer and say the 1933 Goudey I picked up for $9.

    Fan Favorite - Ginter

    Mojo Box - I only bought a box of Ginter this year, but I'll go with Topps Tribute or Triple Threads.

  19. Sickest card - for me, it's the Mariners franchise history card in the Topps base set because that has two of the four players I collect in it. If I look closely, I think I just might be able to pick out King Felix lurking in the background, too.

    Fan Favorite - Well it's Ginter, isn't it? The only set I know of to inspire a yearly contest for box breaking.

    Mojo Box - 2010 Bowman, at least until the four Strasburg 1/1 cards were all found. The market for that was just plain crazy.

  20. Sickest card: I'll have to agree with many other commenters and say Strasburg, the numbered Bowman autos. The fever was just disgusting, but it was getting people interested in cards.

    Fan Favorite: Topps Opening Day, of course. On second thought, I'm throwing my vote in for Tristar Obak--a really creative and interesting set.

    Mojo Box--After watching Dayf open his, I'm also going with Obak here.

  21. Sickest Card: The Strasburg Chrome. Only because it created such a stir.

    Fan Favorite: Go with Tristar Obak for being different.

    Mojo Box- Obak again. cant beat hot boxes

  22. I entered earlier and now have plugged the contest.

  23. Sickest Card - 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle that was redeemed by the Million Card Giveaway card.

    Fan Favorite Set of the Year - Allen & Ginter

    Mojo Box - Triple Threads

  24. I might be too late to the game.

    Sickest Card of the Year - Strasburg Superfractor
    Fan Favorite Set of the Year - 2010 Razor Poker
    Box most likely to contain Mojo - 09/10 Panini Limited Basketball