Thursday, December 9, 2010

Koufax might not have signed an exclusive with Topps, Questions abound, no answers to be found.

No, Virginia... there is no Santa Claus... or, at the very least, we can't confirm it.

In an earlier post about my gift wish list, I was giddy about the announcement that Sandy Koufax had signed an exclusive deal with Topps for autographing cards.  I decided to Google "Koufax Topps Auto" tonight in hopes of getting more details and the Beckett Blog's story on it was the first hit.  I followed this link and got to a page that said "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria."  I thought that it was odd for a story that was written a day ago to have a bad link.  I did a site search and came up with nothing on the Koufax deal.  The story had disappeared.

Then I went to the place where I got the original photo of the signed mock up and it was gone too.   Not good.  Something was up. of our earliest followers, Night Owl, picked up on this too and did a little detective work and without giving it all away, we can neither confirm nor deny that the Sandy Koufax has signed with Topps at this time.  Use this link to get to Night Owl's post on the matter entitled "Will this card exist or not?"  Nice work Night Owl.

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  1. Thanks. It doesn't sound good, whatever it is.

    I can understand Topps not willing to say what happened. But I wish Beckett would say something. It doesn't make me think very much of them when they pull stuff like that.