Thursday, December 9, 2010

Will Baseball Card values skyrocket thanks to the winter meetings?

In a previous post I touched briefly on the Jayson Werth - Washington Nationals deal.  Now, thanks to the Boston Red Sox deals during the winter meetings, I'd like to show you two cards I ripped from packs this year.
 A Topps Tribute base card of Adrian Gonzalez and a Carl Crawford Peak Performance auto.  With apologies to the good citizens of Baltimore and Toronto, the AL East is going to be a tough division to play in next season. But as the separation in pay between your common player and your mega contract player widens, should we expect the value of there cards and common cards to widen too?  Wouldn't it be great if that Crawford auto just tripled in value overnight?

With these monster contract, is the MLB setting themselves up for the kind of bubble burst the housing market experienced recently.  Can you go into foreclosure on a player contract?

Anyway... congratulations to the Boston Red Sox, you should be a powerhouse to contend with in 2011.  But realize this does come at a cost to Boston fans as they no longer have the right to complain about the Yankees "buying" a championship team.  Red is the new Navy Blue.


  1. I doubt it. They won't start to pickup again until the season gets close to beginning. Great signings by the Red Sox though. I'm a big fan of Crawford myself.

  2. The Yankees will still outspend the Red Sox by more than 50 million this year even after the additions of Gonzalez and Crawford.