Saturday, November 20, 2010

Up for sale... The Houston Astros.

I’ve already given you one suggestion for a great holiday gift in my post “The Man Behind the Cards, Dick Perez.”  But for those of you that want to go really extravagant this year, why not buy the Houston Astros for your loved one?

The owner of the Houston Astros, Drayton McLane, is putting his team up for sale. McLane made the announcement on Friday at a news conference at Minute Maid Park.

Considering he paid about $117 million for the team back in 1992 and the Texas Rangers were recently bought by a group led by Nolan Ryan for $593 million in a fire sale,  McLane should make a tidy profit on the team.  An asking price has not yet been set.

One has to wonder is Mark Cuban might be the first in line to buy the team.  He is still licking his wounds from losing out on the Rangers to Ryan’s group of investors.  But for now, Cuban has stated he has no interest in purchasing the Astros.

Here are some incentives if you are still on the fence about buying the Astros.

1- McLane is putting in $12 million dollars in Stadium improvements to Minute Maid Park, including a new scoreboard.

2- The Astros have a new deal with the Houston Rockets that will create a regional sports network that will air their games.

3- The Astros are averaging 28,783 fans in attendance a game.

McLane says he’s not in a rush to sell the team, so you have some time to think about it.  But really, what were you going to do with that half a billion dollars that’s burning a hole in your pocket?

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