Monday, November 15, 2010

Great Mailday Thanks to Panini America

You've gotta be in it to win it, so I try to be in it... a lot.  I have no shame, as I've mentioned before in a post called "I've Always Depended on the Kindness of Strangers," if there is something to be won, I'll go for it.   Thanks to the good folks at Panini America, namely Scott Prusha and Tracy Hackler, my "in it" became a "win it."

I entered a contest on their official blog, The Knight's Lance,  called "World Series Worthy Contest" and walked away with a Donruss Recollection Collection Nolan Ryan Auto, #/4.  SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting Nolan Ryan's auto is difficult enough and the provenance of this card, since its coming directly from the company, is as good as it gets.  And there are only four of them.  Did I mention SWEET!!!!!!!!!

Tracy Hackler was nice enough to send a note with the card.  Here it is.
Tracy is somewhat of a celebrity for collectors, having previously done the box breaks for Beckett and now doing the same for Panini America in addition to writing the blog.  So I couldn't help but notice I had not just received one auto, I received two.  So I figure I'll hold on to the Hackler Auto until such time as Panini develops a card like this.
Thanks to Panini America for making my day, I hope I just made yours.

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