Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throw Back Thursday Vintage TBT Card for February 5, 2015 Is Joe Namath

Here is our Throw Back Thursday Vintage TBT Card for February 5, 2015, Joe Namath.

Not his rookie card, but close to it. (Side note - his rookie card is on my short list of dream cards.)

Now that the Super Bowl is over, it's that time of year that New York Jets fans can relax and gear up for another season of hoping we can secure a leader like Joe Namatb.

As I spelled out in my post from 2010 (I guess this makes it a double Throw Back Thursday) titled "Six... no, scratch that... Sixteen Degrees of Joe Namath" us Jets fans have been waiting over 45 years for the leadership qualities Namath possessed. Even when the team is really good the QB position just seems to be the position that can't quite bring another Vince Lombardi trophy to the Big Apple. (or New Jersey depending on whom you ask.)

This is card #100 of the 1969 Topps Football Cards release. Simple, clean, & bold.
The pricing on this card can vary widely depending on condition. 

If you are trying to purchase it raw (not graded or slabbed) getting it in a condition with issues should run you between $10 and $20, in decent visual condition card in the neighborhood of $25 to $30, and in condition to get you a mid to upper grade about $40 and higher.

Graded versions should start around $20 for lesser grades, about $50 for really nice grades and moving in $70 for NM to Mint and sky rocking to anywhere above $500 for the highest grades.

If you are interested in picking up this card use this link to find plenty of copies within these price ranges.

If you are just looking for any of the other Joe Namath cards, memorabilia or autographs, this link will take you there. 

Enjoy this taste of Vintage and makes sure you check in Thursday for more TBT cards.

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