Friday, February 6, 2015

Blaster Box Break of 2015 Topps Series One Baseball

On the way home late last night I toyed with the idea of trying to track down some 2015 Topps Series 1 Baseball cards in retail form. Yes, I'll crack hobby packs but I prefer to grab some store bought packs to start things off. It's a ritual that reconnects me to my childhood growing up in New York when I would go into the Woolworths or even the pharmacy across the street from my school looking for cards placed in the candy aisle. Times have changed but I still like this tradition.

Now 3000 miles away on the West Coast, it's become a yearly ritual to watch East Coast collectors open packs while pack destined for here are either in transit or simply not put on the shelves by the distributors who stock retail shelves. (Yes, I've actually seen product sitting in sealed boxes next to the shelves but been told they can't open them days after the release date.) Usually I wait until the weekend to try to hunt some packs in the wild but I got the crazy idea to try it on a Thursday evening.

Walmart still had not received any and had not idea when that would happen, but Target had finally put boxes and packs out. I picked up a hanger pack to guarantee their exclusive Jackie Robinson Story cards, which replace their Red parallels, and a blaster to ensure I received a First Home Run Medallion. (Checklist below.)

The Medallion cards look great so I knew I would be happy just having one. But out the 40 players available there were 4 players I really wanted so I had a 1 in 10 shot of hitting my choice. Spoiler alert, I did hit one of them.

So here is the video box break of the first Baseball card for 2015. I'll say it several times during the video, its been a long week and I was exhausted. Prepare yourself, I was excited but TIRED! Enjoy.
Here is the checklist for First Home Run Medallions. To check out singles available on eBay, which I highly encourage you to do if you have a particular player in mind, please use this link to see what is currently available.

You can also click on any player below to see their exact card.

FHRM-AD Adam Dunn Cincinnati Reds ®
FHRM-AG Adrian Gonzalez Texas Rangers ®
FHRM-AJ Adam Jones Seattle Mariners ™
FHRM-AM Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates ®
FHRM-ARI Anthony Rizzo San Diego Padres™
FHRM-ARO Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners ™
FHRM-BH Bryce Harper Washington Nationals ®
FHRM-BP Buster Posey San Francisco Giants®
FHRM-CD Chris Davis Texas Rangers ®
FHRM-CJ Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves ™
FHRM-CU Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies®
FHRM-DJ Derek Jeter New York Yankees ®
FHRM-DM Don Mattingly New York Yankees ®
FHRM-DP Dustin Pedroia Boston Red Sox®
FHRM-DS Deion Sanders New York Yankees ®
FHRM-DW David Wright New York Mets ®
FHRM-EH Eric Hosmer Kansas City Royals®
FHRM-EL Evan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays™
FHRM-FF Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves ™
FHRM-JA Jose Abreu Chicago White Sox ®
FHRM-JBA Javier Baez Chicago Cubs®
FHRM-JBU Jose Bautista Pittsburgh Pirates ®
FHRM-JHA Josh Hamilton Cincinnati Reds ®
FHRM-JHE Jason Heyward Atlanta Braves ™
FHRM-JM Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins ®
FHRM-JS Jorge Soler Chicago Cubs®
FHRM-JV Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds ®
FHRM-MA Matt Adams St. Louis Cardinals®
FHRM-MC Matt Carpenter St. Louis Cardinals®
FHRM-MM Mike Moustakas Kansas City Royals®
FHRM-MP Mike Piazza Los Angeles Dodgers®
FHRM-MT Mike Trout Angels ®
FHRM-PG Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks ®
FHRM-PK Paul Konerko Los Angeles Dodgers®
FHRM-RC Robinson Cano New York Yankees ®
FHRM-RH Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies®
FHRM-TT Troy Tulowitzki Colorado Rockies™
FHRM-VM Victor Martinez Cleveland Indians ®
FHRM-YC Yoenis Cespedes Oakland Athletics ™
FHRM-YP Yasiel Puig Los Angeles Dodgers®

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  1. How A-Rod got one of these and not Griffey, I'll never understand...