Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Hump Day Hits Today Are 2015 Topps Baseball Series 1 Cards

It’s Wednesday. Time for our Hump Day Hit.  Normally we would select on hit for your viewing pleasure but with the Series 1 release of 2015 Topps Baseball, we have to go with some of the better hits we’ve seen come out of the product, the manufactured relics

They are not swatches of jersey, they are cards that simply look great.

Let’s start with some retail finds.

These are reminiscent of some of the medallion coins from previous years. This year they look fantastic. These are a retail exclusive meaning you wont find them in hobby boxes.  There are big names, new, veteran and retired stars with cards so there is plenty of selection. 

Right now these cards are join from between $6 and $20 depending on the player.

The checklist is below. If you can’t wait to try to pull one of these from a pack, you can use this link to find all of the currently available ones on eBay.

Now onto hobby pack finds.


Once again love the design here. the MLB Logo Pins came out great.  These started off hit with Mike Trout’s version going for around $40. But things seem to be settling in closer to the $15 range

For this one the checklist is also below and if you just want to purchase a single of your favorite player, use this link to find all of the currently available ones on eBay.


These are very cool cards with actual stamps and coins from the past. Obviously the older the player the older the coins & stamps with Babe Ruth clocking in as the oldest with the year 1895. No point in pricing these at this point, its too early and these will fluctuate quite a bit.

Have you guessed? The checklist can be found below and you can use this link to find all of the currently available ones on eBay.


These are simple in design and reserved for the next generation of MLB Stars. They seem to be going at about $10 and should be a nice addition for prospectors.

The checklist is below and you can use this link to find all of the currently available ones on eBay.

Make sure you come back for the next Hump Day Hit and check out the Checklists below.

FHRM-AD Adam Dunn Cincinnati Reds ®
FHRM-AG Adrian Gonzalez Texas Rangers ®
FHRM-AJ Adam Jones Seattle Mariners ™
FHRM-AM Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates ®
FHRM-ARI Anthony Rizzo San Diego Padres™
FHRM-ARO Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners ™
FHRM-BH Bryce Harper Washington Nationals ®
FHRM-BP Buster Posey San Francisco Giants®
FHRM-CD Chris Davis Texas Rangers ®
FHRM-CJ Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves ™
FHRM-CU Chase Utley Philadelphia Phillies®
FHRM-DJ Derek Jeter New York Yankees ®
FHRM-DM Don Mattingly New York Yankees ®
FHRM-DP Dustin Pedroia Boston Red Sox®
FHRM-DS Deion Sanders New York Yankees ®
FHRM-DW David Wright New York Mets ®
FHRM-EH Eric Hosmer Kansas City Royals®
FHRM-EL Evan Longoria Tampa Bay Rays™
FHRM-FF Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves ™
FHRM-JA Jose Abreu Chicago White Sox ®
FHRM-JBA Javier Baez Chicago Cubs®
FHRM-JBU Jose Bautista Pittsburgh Pirates ®
FHRM-JHA Josh Hamilton Cincinnati Reds ®
FHRM-JHE Jason Heyward Atlanta Braves ™
FHRM-JM Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins ®
FHRM-JS Jorge Soler Chicago Cubs®
FHRM-JV Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds ®
FHRM-MA Matt Adams St. Louis Cardinals®
FHRM-MC Matt Carpenter St. Louis Cardinals®
FHRM-MM Mike Moustakas Kansas City Royals®
FHRM-MP Mike Piazza Los Angeles Dodgers®
FHRM-MT Mike Trout Angels ®
FHRM-PG Paul Goldschmidt Arizona Diamondbacks ®
FHRM-PK Paul Konerko Los Angeles Dodgers®
FHRM-RC Robinson Cano New York Yankees ®
FHRM-RH Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies®
FHRM-TT Troy Tulowitzki Colorado Rockies™
FHRM-VM Victor Martinez Cleveland Indians ®
FHRM-YC Yoenis Cespedes Oakland Athletics ™
FHRM-YP Yasiel Puig Los Angeles Dodgers®

MSBL-01 Yu Darvish Texas Rangers ®
MSBL-02 Bryce Harper Washington Nationals®
MSBL-03 David Wright New York Mets®
MSBL-04 David Ortiz Boston Red Sox®
MSBL-05 Albert Pujols Angels®
MSBL-06 Buster Posey San Francisco Giants®
MSBL-07 Dustin Pedroia Boston Red Sox®
MSBL-08 Mike Trout Angels®
MSBL-09 Yasiel Puig Los Angeles Dodgers®
MSBL-10 Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers®
MSBL-11 Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates®
MSBL-12 Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves™
MSBL-13 Robinson Cano Seattle Mariners™
MSBL-14 Masahiro Tanaka New York Yankees®
MSBL-15 Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs®
MSBL-16 Manny Machado Baltimore Orioles®
MSBL-17 Yadier Molina St. Louis Cardinals®
MSBL-18 Javier Baez Chicago Cubs®
MSBL-19 Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers®
MSBL-20 Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins®
MSBL-21 Jose Abreu Chicago White Sox®
MSBL-22 Jose Bautista Toronto Blue Jays®
MSBL-23 David Price Detroit Tigers®
MSBL-24 Adam Wainwright St. Louis Cardinals®
MSBL-25 Jacoby Ellsbury New York Yankees®

CS-01 Hank Aaron Milwaukee Braves™
CS-02 Javier Baez Chicago Cubs®
CS-03 Madison Bumgarner San Francisco Giants®
CS-04 Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers®
CS-05 Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh Pirates®
CS-06 Josh Donaldson Oakland Athletics™
CS-07 Lou Gehrig New York Yankees®
CS-08 Tom Glavine Atlanta Braves™
CS-09 Bo Jackson Kansas City Royals®
CS-10 Reggie Jackson New York Yankees®
CS-11 Derek Jeter New York Yankees®
CS-12 Sandy Koufax Los Angeles Dodgers®
CS-13 Mike Piazza New York Mets ®
CS-14 Yasiel Puig Los Angeles Dodgers®
CS-15 Albert Pujols Angels®
CS-16 Jim Rice Boston Red Sox®
CS-17 Babe Ruth New York Yankees®
CS-18 Nolan Ryan Houston Astros®
CS-19 Chris Sale Chicago White Sox®
CS-20 Max Scherzer Detroit Tigers®
CS-21 Ozzie Smith St. Louis Cardinals®
CS-22 Masahiro Tanaka New York Yankees®
CS-23 Julio Teheran Atlanta Braves™
CS-24 Mike Trout Angels®
CS-25 David Wright New York Mets ®

FS-01 Xander Bogaerts Boston Red Sox ®
FS-02 Billy Hamilton Cincinnati Reds®
FS-03 George Springer Houston Astros ®
FS-04 Gregory Polanco Pittsburgh Pirates ®
FS-05 Arismendy Alcantara Chicago Cubs®
FS-06 Jacob deGrom New York Mets®
FS-07 Masahiro Tanaka New York Yankees®
FS-08 Dellin Betances New York Yankees ®
FS-09 Tanner Roark Washington Nationals®
FS-10 Jose Abreu Chicago White Sox ®

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