Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 Topps Series 1 Sparkle Variation Complete Visual Checklist

For Topps Series One Baseball cards since the inclusion of Sparkle Variations in 2011, collectors have had a hard time spotting these sparkles? We admit, they are tough to recognize and at first we didn’t spot a card we pulled from a hobby pack this year’s 2015 Topps Series 1 Baseball. So how can you tell if you have a true sparkle? The only thing that helped us find it was to check the code on the back of the Sparkle card. This year that code ends with 903.

Upon further inspection we also noticed that 21 out of the 50 Sparkle SP variations include a shift in sides of the Topps logo, which we detailed in an earlier post.  We have done complete visual checklists in the past, showing you the key places to look on the card to find the Sparkles. 

We’ve decide to do another Complete Visual checklist for 2015 Series 1 Baseball Sparkles as they seem to be a bit smaller, perhaps tiny compared to other years, and seem harder to spot. We will also be doing one for the 25 Photo Variations later this week.

An asterisk has been put at the end of the player name on the checklist if that card is one of the 21 that have a Topps logo that shifts. This checklist is complete so if you think  you see a Sparkle on a card that you don’t find here, it’s just a natural light photographic reflection and not an actual sparkle.

Here is our 2015 Topps Series 1 Sparkle Variation Complete Visual Checklist

5 Josh Donaldson,  6 Jayson Werth
15 Joey Votto,  20 Madison Bumgarner
25 Jose Bautista *,  34 Charlie Blackmon
42 Todd Frazier
 43 Starlin Castro
47 Anthony Rizzo,  50 Yu Darvish
60 Michael Wacha *,  62 Nolan Arenado *
67 Hunter Pence,  73 Freddie Freeman
75 Dustin Pedroia,  80 Adam Wainwright *
83 David Wright *,  92 Ian Kinsler
100 Clayton Kershaw,  109 Doug Fister *
120 Yoenis Cespedes *,  125 Troy Tulowitzki
136 Manny Machado *, 144 Rusney Castillo
149 Daniel Murphy *,  150 Giancarlo Stanton *
163 Chase Utley,  169 Adam Jones
175 Adrian Beltre,  181 Jason Heyward
192 Joc Pederson,  200 Miguel Cabrera
203 Paul Goldschmidt,  205 Josh Harrison *
207 Bryce Harper,  225 Jacoby Ellsbury
242 Edwin Encarnacion *,  250 Evan Longoria *
251 Anthony Rendon *,  262 Ryan Braun *
272 Matt Kemp *,  275 Buster Posey
300 Mike Trout,  315 Javier Baez *
320 Shin-Soo Choo *,  321 Josh Hamilton *  
325 Felix Hernandez *,  336 Matt Carpenter *

348 Carlos Santana,  350 Yasiel Puig

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