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1966 Topps Baseball Error Cards Visual Checklist

It’s Free Dress Friday here on All About Cards. That means anything goes. So put on your casual clothes and let’s look at the lighter side of Trading Cards.

In the past two weeks when we introduced you to “Actual” Error Cards. Not player cards that contain errors but cards that contain player’s errors. We received some great feedback on that post, but it might be time to look at some real error cards. Yes, the ones that contain card errors.  

With 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball releasing next week, collectors will be looking at cards in the style of 1966 Topps Baseball. One really fun aspect of Heritage from year to year is discovering the unannounced error cards. These cards are SSPs and mimic the error cards from the year Heritage is honoring. Because these cards are unannounced, collectors slowly find these cards as packs are opened. 

The hardest part, most of the time, is spotting them. Many people race to get their cards up on eBay to try to take advantage of higher sales prices for being first to market. With Heritage this can be a costly error as some cards sell for the price of their normal base card counterparts.

I was the first to spot one of these cards back in 2011. I did a post about it called Mysterious ARod 2011 Topps Heritage Card Surfaces on eBay. At the time the card was on its way to being sold for a little more than $10. That auction was eventually ended early. When it was understood to be an error mimic card it sold for more than $300.

So for Free Dress Friday we will focus on the original errors from 1966. Later today I’ll give you my predictions for which cards will be error cards in 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball. (I got over 80% of them last time.) All of this will be followed up with a Complete Checklist for 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball this weekend and Complete Visual Checklists for the Throwback Uniform, Action Image, Color Swap and Error Mimic variations shortly after next week’s release.

Now let’s look at the original errors from 1966 Topps Baseball.

It’s important to note not all of these will wind up error mimic cards in next week’s release of 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball, but it’s important to have knowledge of all of them. Well, almost all of them. There were errors with some of the Checklists, but we will skip those cards. We’ll start with this familiar player.

30 Pete Rose, Cincinnati Reds 
There are plenty of these cards around because they were double printed. The error here, which was never corrected, is on the back of the card. 
In 1963 Rose hit 170 hits, not 175 as the card indicates.

36 Jim Hunter, Kansas City Athletics 

Another double print with an error on the back of the card. 
The years listed are 1963 & 1964. It should be 1964 & 1965. These are 1966 cards after all.

43 Don Landrum, Chicago Cubs
This is a variation card, not an error, but in thinking about 2015 mimic cards, this has to be included. Notice the dark fly button below his belt in the middle of his pants? Well Topps didn’t until this card was circulated. The next printing included an airbrushed button to make it lighter. 
The last printing took that button away all together.

51 Gordon Richardson, New York Mets
Another uncorrected error card. There is no copyright or printed in the USA statement on the lower right of the card.

62 Merritt Ranew, California Angels
This card was eventually corrected. Originally a player description with Sold to Seattle was left off.
It appeared in the next printing. 

74 Don Mossi, Kansas City Athletics 
This is another uncorrected error that can be found on the back. 
Mossi’s date of birth is listed as 1930, but should be 1929.

The next three cards all have the same error

91 Bob Uecker, St. Louis Cardinals 
103 Dick Groat, St. Louis Cardinals 
104 Alex Johnson, Philadelphia Phillies
All three of the cards originally contained no information on the back about these players being traded. 
In the next printing that information was added.

126 Jim Palmer, Baltimore Orioles

We covered this card, Palmer’s rookie card in one of our Mint Monday posts. This is another error that was never corrected. Palmer, who clearly pitches with his right hand on the front of the card is listed as a throwing with his right on the back bio info is referred to as a left-hander in the card back writeup.

161 Jerry Lumpe, Detroit Tigers

The white streak just above 2nd base was fixed in the next printing. 

192 Vic Power, California Angels
Never corrected, the error on this card lists his Date of Birth as 1931 when it should be 1927.

266 Pedro Gonzalez, Cleveland Indians
Another uncorrected error card. On the back of the card his name is misspelled as Gonzales.

324 John Boozer, Philadelphia Phillies
This uncorrected error card lists Boozer’s Wins record in 1965 at 96, instead of the actual number of 9 wins.

365 Roger Maris, New York Yankees

Never corrected, the back of this card lists Marris’ Date of Birth as as 1931 when it should be 1934.

447 Dick Ellsworth, Chicago Cubs
Another uncorrected error card, and that’s not Ellsworth pictured. it’s Ken Hubbs.

458 Manny Jimenez, Kansas City Athletics  
Another uncorrected error card. On the front of the card his name is misspelled as Jiminez.

The following cards are numbered above the 500 base cards  found in 2015 Heritage. I’ll include them on the chance that these errors are mimicked on cards that closely resemble a card found in the 2015 release.

502 Lenny Green, Boston Red Sox
This uncorrected error card lists Green’s  Date of Birth as aJn. 6, 1933 on the back of the card.

544 Joe Hoerner, St. Louis Cardinals 

       George Kernek, St. Louis Cardinals 
       Jimy Williams, St. Louis Cardinals 
This short printed, uncorrected Rookie card misspells Williams name as Jimmy on the front and back.

This short printed, uncorrected error card lists the Tigers as finishing in 3rd place in the American League when they actually finished in 4th place behind the Orioles, White Sox and League leaders, the Twins.

And that will do it for this installment of Free Dress Friday where anything goes. Hope you enjoyed it and it gets your weekend off to a good start. Please check back next Friday for more causal trading card fun. And check in all weekend for 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball news and checklists.

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