Friday, January 2, 2015

Darren Rovell Tweets That Press Pass Inc Will No Longer Be In Business

Just this morning I was wondering why I hadn't heard anything coming from Press Pass in a while, then Darren Rovell's tweet explained it all.

@darrenrovell Sports card manufacturer Press Pass is closing its doors. Hard to stay healthy these days.
Press Pass was a company that certainly got things right, at least when it came to NASCAR.  Beautiful relics, gorgeous card design and living by their motto "on-card is not hard."

But within the last year there was a noticeable change. News about long time personal leaving the company and a relocation of offices where the behind the scenes tell tale signs that something was up. Then a reduced slate of releases, followed by cards that started to bear oversized sticker autos spoke of additional troubles.

While non-NASCAR fans might have been exposed to Press Pass only through their minor entertainment releases or their non-licensed Football cards, the demise of another player in the hobby is a loss for collectors overall, and leaves racing trading card fans completely in the dark.

Thank you to the people behind Press Pass who were responsible for making some true quality products.

Not a good day. Not good news.


  1. This is awful news. I really like my Press Pass NASCAR cards.

  2. Dammit, I LOVED their Parks and Recreation release.