Monday, August 8, 2011

Injured In Practice, Detroit Lions Second Round Pick, Mikel LeShoure, Is Out For The Season

Collecting Rookie Cards early can be a high-risk proposition, but speculators who gobble these cards up are aware of the risks involved.  It is part of the deal.  With that risk comes the potential for a huge upside if the player takes off.  

The first causality of the 2011 Rookie Class that possessed that potential is the Detroit Lions’ second-round draft pick, Mikel LeShoure.  He tore his Achilles after a high hit during practice on Monday.  LeShoure is out for the season. 

Mikel was not slated to be the starter for Detroit. That position is comfortably held by last year’s first round pick, Jahvid Best.  But it is clear that LeShoure was being groomed for the number 2 position and in particular for short yardage situations.  The Lions will have to rely on Maurice Morris to pick up the slack or they may seek out a free agent/trade to fill the hole left by LeShoure’s absence.

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  1. Fairley = out for an extended time. Young = out indefinitely (has not practiced but once). Leshour = out for the season. It's the curse of the Lions.