Friday, May 27, 2011

The Chicago Bulls fall apart. The Miami Heat advance to the NBA Finals to face the Dallas Mavericks

 Sometimes in sports you feel certain teams are doomed.   The Chicago Bulls fit that bill perfectly last night.   Even with a substantial lead late in the fourth quarter there was still an unsinkable feeling that things would fall apart.   Normally it starts with a small breakdown but last night the Bulls just shut down, or, to give them credit, the Heat just flipped their switch into the on position.  With about three minutes left, Chicago saw a 12 point lead destroyed after two – three pointers by Lebron James and a three pointer by Dwayne Wade that turned into a four point play thanks to Derrick Rose’s foul. 

So Miami will be looking for it’s second NBA Finals championship.  Dallas will be going for their first.   The question is...  who is going to win?  Should we consult a blaster to find out?

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