Thursday, May 26, 2011

Will the Mysterious Powers of Pinnacle Hockey Blasters Hold Up? The Winner of the Lighting/Bruins 7th Game Predicted.

We've already established that 2010-11 Pinnacle Hockey has mysterious powers.  For those of you that saw our box break of a blaster of the cards, you witnessed Pinnacle Hockey Blasters can predict the outcome of games with incredible accuracy.

With the Lighting/Bruins series tied at 3 games a piece, we felt a responsibility, an obligation to prove to the world, once again, the magic contained inside of these small boxes.

You've seen the cards in a break before (and if you haven't, you really should check it out using this link) so let's just give you the results.

First for the visiting Tampa Bay Lighting, here are the cards we pulled.
 Simon Gagne

 Martin St. Louis

Steven Stamkos

Some very nice pulls.  Now for the home team, The Boston Bruins.

 Mark Recchi

 Nathan Horton

 Milan Lucic

Marc Savard

So there you have it.   According to this 2010-11 Pinnacle Blaster, the final score will be...


There is one small caveat.  As you will remember, the last prediction that was made picked the winner correctly, but to get the score correct AND the order in which the goals were scored, it required removing any player who did not see ice time.   We already know that Marc Savard is out for the season.  Remove him and you have a 3 - 3 tie.   So it is possible that the game will end in regulation with a 3 - 3 tie and Boston will win it in OT.   We will see what happens tomorrow night, because as they say, its all in the cards.

By the way, here is our hit for the blaster.

Cody Bass City Lights.   A great looking card.


  1. I think your card's prediction is probably pretty accurate. I'm thinking Boston will pull it off.

    I haven't purchased new hockey in a long time... but IMO the reemergence of Pinnacle is a good thing.

  2. Haha let's see if you can go 2 for 1!!