Friday, May 27, 2011

2011 Topps UFC Title Shot. An All About Cards Review

MMA is hot, so hot that news out of Las Vegas is that MMA has surpassed Boxing in popularity.  UFC 130 is about to play out as is the final match to determine The Ultimate Fighter so the timing is perfect for 2011 Topps UFC Title Shot. 

This set falls under our classification of trading cards.  With retail two configurations and hobby boxes of 12 – 16 card packs, 2011 Topps UFC Title shot is accessible to all.  With the Hobby box you’ll get 2 autographs and 2 memorabilia cards and in some boxes there is a box topper with a WEC Jumbo Mat card that measures 5 3/4 by 8 inches.

Lets take a look at some of the cards we pulled from our hobby box.

 Georges St-Pierre base card front and back

Gold parallels of the base cards

Silver/Onyx/Black version of the Yoshihiro Akyama base card #/188

UFC unlocked code cards

Front the inserts

 Legacy cards including Forrest Griffin, Tito Ortiz and Jens Pulver

 Top 10 Title Fights

 Championship Chronology cards including Georges St-Pierre and Chuck Liddell

UFC Contenders including Nate Marquardt #/88 and Dan Hardy

Here are the hits of the box

 Brian Stann Fighter Memorabilia 

 Rousimar Palhares Fighter Autograph Memorabilia 

 Bas Rutten UFC Replica Title Belt #/25

 Jake Shields UFC Contenders Auto

Ramsey Nijem The Ultimate Fighter On Card Auto

So as you can see, we got one more autograph card then was promised.  Sweet!

Overall Look
The photography on these cards stands out.  You definitely feel part of the action, inside the octagon.  Sometimes the foil lettering is hard to see which means adjusting the card to reflect light.  The backs are full of great info.  The legacy cards have a cool retro look and the contenders cards are the sport’s version of chrome.

Quality and Variety of Players and Subsets.
There is a good variety of base cards but the inserts make this product.   You might ask why the Top 10 UFC Title Fights insert set is 30 cards.  The answer is there are 3 cards for each fight.  Add 46 Championship Chronology, 25 Legacy and 25 Contenders cards, there are almost as many inserts as there are base cards, so there is a lot to collect here.

Do the hits hold up?
The hits are great.   A mix of on card autos, fighter worn memorabilia, mat swatches and the ultra cool UFC replica title belts, you’ll be happy will all of them.

Will you want to collect them all? 
You’ll want the entire base set and for the adventurous collector, you’ll chase the entire insert set too.

4 out of 5

2011 Topps UFC Title Shot is a fun set to chase with some cool hits to match.

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  1. I really love the replica belts they added for this product.