Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The winner for Best Alternative Sports Cards announced.

Selecting a winner in this category is a challenge.  It’s a real Apples and Oranges group of cards, so we had to distance ourselves from the sports and really look at the individual cards.  Here are descriptions of the nominees for All About Cards 2010 Sports Card Award in the category of Best Alternative Sports Cards.

2010 Panini FIFA World Cup South Africa
Do not confuse these with the stickers of the same name; this is the ultra rare, premium release of trading cards.  These were only released in a few select countries.  A nice binder to hold this set of 198 cards was released along side the cards.  Each box contains 36 packs of cards, 6 cards to a pack.  There are also random autograph cards included.  Panini used vibrant colors for these cards, featuring great action shots of the best players the world has to offer including our own, Landon Donovan.  Even though these are premium cards, it is great for set builders.

2010 Press Pass PBR 8 Seconds
 Fans of Bull Riding, all 21,000,000 of you, are well represented by this set of cards that feature the bulls and the men that ride them.  In a unique twist, on the back of the relic cards you’ll find a picture of the actual relic that was used to make the card before it was cut up.  The relics include gloves, shirts, jeans, cowboy hats and bull ropes.  Each box contains 24 packs, 5 cards per pack and all three of the included Autograph cards per box are hard, on-card autos.

2011 Press Pass NASCAR Racing
Released in 2010, the 2011 issue of NASCAR Racing is a set builders delight.  With 200 base cards and tons of inserts and subsets.   The photos from action to portrait to vintage are fantastic.  Card design is just as good.  It’s a great way to kick of the start of the new season and one of the boxes we are giving away in our contest.

2010 Press Pass Wheels Main Event Racing
 Press Pass does racing right and this set is no exception.  In a feat that is difficult for any set of Sports Cards, the backs of these cards are as interesting and well designed as the front.  With the right balance for set builders and insert chasers alike, these cards deliver the goods for all. 

2010 Upper Deck MLS Soccer
Upper Deck’s soccer release offers a 200-card base set and a variety of inserts that even include 10 cards of the best that the WPS has to offer.  Built around professional teams in the USA, it offers stand out local players like David Beckham in addition to materials cards and autos.  Each box contains 20 packs with 12 cards per pack.

And now, the 2010 Sports Card Award for Best Alternative Sports Cards goes to:
With incredible design and graphics, mixing vibrant colors on some cards and muted tones of grey with single standout colors on others, exceptional action and portrait photography, Press Pass Wheels Main Event Racing cards are, indeed, award worthy.  Hits include hard, on-card autos in single and Match Ups back-to-back dual configurations, mini cards and memorabilia cards that come with every conceivable racing item like fire suits, hats, pit signs, windows, sheet metal and tires.  Press Pass sets the benchmark for trading cards in all sports with Wheels Main Event.

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  1. Press Pass has always put out a decent looking set of cards for NASCAR, though I've not opened race cards in years, they still look to be as great as they ever were.