Friday, January 21, 2011

Check your collection for Blake Griffin cards. The value of his cards are skyrocketing.

This is one of Blake Griffin's rookie cards from 2009-10 Panini National Treasure, a set that is a nominee for our 2010 Sports Card Awards in two categories, Best Ultra Premium Cards and fan category Box Most Likely to Contain Mojo.   With the recent trends of this card its easy to see why this set is in the running for awards.  

As recent as August 2010, the card you see, which is numbered to /99, was valued at $400, it now books at $1,200.  This master of the slam dunk is surpassing that on Ebay with a recent sale of $2,950 and another auction set to end in 2 days that is already at $2,601.  There are Buy It Nows that range from $3,000 all the way up to $5999.  

There is even a #/5 version of this card an someone is asking $14,999.  We will be watching how this trends.  Who knows, you just might be looking at a nominee for next year's Sickest Card of the Year.

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