Sunday, January 16, 2011

One person will win these 8 boxes of cards in our contest. Here is today's bonus chance to get another entry.

Have you heard?  Even if you have an entry in our contest, there is still time to pick up bonus entries to increase your odds of winning this Grand Prize Package, going to one lucky person.  Use this link to find out all the different ways to get those bonus entries then come back here for today opportunity.

For a chance at today's bonus entries, ***UPDATE*** The deadline has past, this part of the contest is closed.  ***leave a comment here on this post or on our Facebook page with the total points that will be scored in today's Jets/Patriots game,.  For example, if you think the score will be Jets 7 Patriots 10, you would leave a comment with your answer of 17.  The five closest guesses will get a bonus entry.  If there  is a tie, the names will be randomized to determine the winner.  You have until 4:15 PM EST to leave your guess.

Congratulations to Mark A., Camgo74, dawgbones, David L. and Mark H who were the first five people to email us the correct answer to yesterday question.  The correct answer was Philip Rivers who had 4710 yards.