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2020 Topps Transcendent Hall of Fame Edition Checklist and 1/1 Pull Tracker

Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball Cards returns with an all Hall of Fame Edition. THE premiere, most high end case of Baseball cards available. If purchasing a case is not within your reach, you can still own some of these amazing cards through group breaks that could net you an individual item far exceeding your spot price or purchasing them on the secondary market.

There are only 50 cases in the HOF Editon and they are getting opened fast. As usual we will provide the most comprehensive listing of what has been pulled out of these cases you will find ANYWHERE. 

Please keep in mind this is not a small project. It takes plenty of research, tracking group breaks & individual social media postings plus contacting private collectors, some of whom are not even on social media, to find out what they have pulled from their private cases.

I’ve embedded the tracker with links to eBay so if you want to try to buy individual Transcendent cards on the secondary market. click through one of the links on the checklist  to get there.

Cards that have been pulled that are 1/1s will be noted as pulled and listed in bold and italic fonts. I will keep updating when a 1/1 items gets pulled. If you know of any additional items that are not listed as pulled, please contact me with as much information as you have, including the source of your information, so I can confirm it and add it to the list.

Oversize Hall of Fame Induction Class Cut Signature

Oversize Cut Signature

1954 Topps Superfractor Autographs

Sandy Koufax Through the Years Autograph

Transcendent Collection Autographs
Base #/25, Emerald #/5, Platinum 1/1, Red 1/1

THOF-AD Andre Dawson          Red Pulled  
THOF-AK Al Kaline      Platinum Pulled 
THOF-BG Bob Gibson       Platinum Pulled 
THOF-BL Barry Larkin      Platinum Pulled   
THOF-CF Carlton Fisk        Platinum Pulled          Red Pulled  
THOF-CJ Chipper Jones        Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled  
THOF-CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr.      Platinum Pulled       Red Pulled  
THOF-CY Carl Yastrzemski          Red Pulled  
THOF-FT Frank Thomas      Platinum Pulled       Red Pulled  
THOF-HA Hank Aaron      Platinum Pulled 
THOF-JB Johnny Bench    Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled  
THOF-JBA Jeff Bagwell    Platinum Pulled 
THOF-JM Juan Marichal    Platinum Pulled      Red Pulled  
THOF-JS John Smoltz       Platinum Pulled       Red Pulled  
THOF-JT Jim Thome        Platinum Pulled 
THOF-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr.      Platinum Pulled      Red Pulled  
THOF-MM Mike Mussina      Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled
THOF-MR Mariano Rivera      Platinum Pulled       Red Pulled  
THOF-NR Nolan Ryan       Red Pulled  
THOF-PM Paul Molitor      Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled  
THOF-RA Roberto Alomar    Platinum Pulled         Red Pulled  
THOF-RC Rod Carew     Platinum Pulled 
THOF-RH Rickey Henderson      Platinum Pulled 
THOF-RJ Randy Johnson       Platinum Pulled          Red Pulled  
THOF-RJA Reggie Jackson    Platinum Pulled         Red Pulled  
THOF-RS Ryne Sandberg       Platinum Pulled 
THOF-RY Robin Yount      Platinum Pulled         Red Pulled  
THOF-SK Sandy Koufax     Platinum Pulled           Red Pulled  
THOF-TG Tom Glavine     Platinum Pulled           Red Pulled  
THOF-VG Vladimir Guerrero     Platinum Pulled         Red Pulled  
THOF-WB Wade Boggs      Platinum Pulled      Red Pulled

Transcendent Collection Autographs Image Variations
 Base #/25, Emerald #/5, Platinum 1/1, Red 1/1

THOFV-AD Andre Dawson      Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled  
THOFV-BG Bob Gibson    Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled  
THOFV-BL Barry Larkin          Red Pulled  
THOFV-CJ Chipper Jones     Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled  
THOFV-CRJ Cal Ripken, Jr.          Platinum Pulled       Red Pulled  
THOFV-CY Carl Yastrzemski     Platinum Pulled          Red Pulled  
THOFV-FT Frank Thomas           Red Pulled   
THOFV-HA Hank Aaron      Platinum Pulled            Red Pulled   
THOFV-JB Johnny Bench     Platinum Pulled          Red Pulled  
THOFV-JBA Jeff Bagwell      Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled  
THOFV-JM Juan Marichal     Platinum Pulled  
THOFV-JT Jim Thome      Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled  
THOFV-KGJ Ken Griffey, Jr.          Red Pulled  
THOFV-MM Mike Mussina      Platinum Pulled          Red Pulled  
THOFV-MR Mariano Rivera      Platinum Pulled           Red Pulled  
THOFV-NR Nolan Ryan     Platinum Pulled  
THOFV-OS Ozzie Smith       Platinum Pulled       Red Pulled  
THOFV-PM Paul Molitor     Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled  
THOFV-RA Roberto Alomar      Platinum Pulled           Red Pulled  
THOFV-RC Rod Carew      Platinum Pulled  
THOFV-RH Rickey Henderson    Platinum Pulled  
THOFV-RJ Randy Johnson         Platinum Pulled         Red Pulled  
THOFV-RJA Reggie Jackson         Platinum Pulled
THOFV-RS Ryne Sandberg    Platinum Pulled
THOFV-RY Robin Yount     Platinum Pulled  
THOFV-SK Sandy Koufax        Red Pulled  
THOFV-TG Tom Glavine      Platinum Pulled        Red Pulled  
THOFV-VG Vladimir Guerrero        Red Pulled  
THOFV-WB Wade Boggs            Red Pulled

Hall of Famers Sketch Cards 
(1/1 original drawings by Dan Bergren)

Hall of Fame Icons Base Set
Numbered to 50

Hall of Famers Sketch Reproductions
Numbered to 50

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  1. Wow. That Ruth, Cobb, Johnson, and Wagner card is insane. Can't even imagine how much money that card would bring in if it goes up for sale.