Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 1 Recap of 2015 Topps Series One Baseball Sales

We’ve been tracking sales of 2015 Topps Series One Baseball cards on eBay since their release a week ago. Sales have been moving briskly with everything thing from sets to singles.

We did several posts throughout the week following how the cards were moving which you can revisit like our coverage of the hottest hits to the popular autographs to the fastest moving cards on the first day of availability.  Now we will look at the best sellers for the week and the top seller might not be the card you would think it would be.

It should not come as a shock that the highest price paid for a Series 1 card was one from super seller BrentandBecca. The surprising part is it was a relic, not an autograph.

The Highest Priced Card
Mike Trout In The Name Letter Patch

This 1/1 letter patch taken from an event-worn workout jersey sold for the highest price with a 22 bid auction. The final bid came in at $536.99. That far exceeded any other card and is a price that could be very hard to beat. 

The Most Bizarre Sale
Derek Jeter Base Card #1

For those of you who say base cards don’t count anymore, you might want to rethink that. There is nothing uncommon about this Jeter Base card except for the price it went for at auction. After 35 bids, this card sold for $100. No… we did not forget the decimal point. This dollar card, and that’s on a good day, sold for 100 times that price. It's not even the error card some are claiming is out their , a Jeter base card without the Topps foil logo. (For the record, we have not heard any official word from Topps about those, use this link to judge for yourself.) The bidding action seems to have been between 4 bidders who fought for this cards starting at $5 before it ended at a Benjamin. And who do you think owns this auction. Yep, BrentandBecca. Here is the proof.
BrentandBecca has confirmed that the buyer is real and, indeed, paid for the card.  

BrentandBecca has sold a majority of their inventory already but have some nice items left, most end tonight, but there are some that end in a day or two and some BIN or BO. Highlights include 
The Boston Red Sox in a Case Break of 2015 Topps Finest Basbeall conducted directly by Topps. That ends on Thursday.  Use this link to see the current bid.

Complete Series 1 Base Sets

There are several buying options here. You can try to bid on one that starts at $18.99 that ends tonight at 5:19PM Pacific Standard Time. (Use this link to get to that auction) If you miss that one, or you just want to buy it now without getting into bidding, you can purchase them right now. Prices start at 20.99 and go to 26.99 so first one there gets the best deal. Use this link to get to the BIN base sets.

The Best of the Rest
Other big sales include about $399 for this Ken Griffey Jr. Gallery of Greats Autograph Redemption $399
This Derek Jeter Magenta Printing Plate went for about $330
$299.99 for this Joe Panik World Series Auto Relic
About $240 for this Baseball History Stamp Card
$232.50 for this Puig Archetypes auto relic
$217.50 for this Cano - Griffey Jr Inspired Play dual auto relic
$207.50 for this Jeter Framed card
About $200 for this Sandy Koufax Career High Autograph
$185.83 for this Babe Ruth Coin Stamp card

To find auctions on eBay for other 2015 Topps Series 1 cards that are still available, use this link.

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