Thursday, February 12, 2015

Throw Back Thursday Vintage TBT Card for February 12, 2015 Is Stan Musial

Here is our Throw Back Thursday Vintage TBT Card for February 5, 2015, Stan Musial.

Not his rookie card. You have to go back to 1948 Bowman for that. But this card was around well before my time so it works for me. This is as far as I can throwback Musial from my PC.

This is card #250 of the 1960 Topps Baseball Cards release. There is a lot I like about this card.
The design is very much of the time and the simple head shot and the classic Stan “The Man” at bat pose are great along with the very dated Cardinals logo.
My preference is usually full stats but I’ll gladly take the condensed stats when season’s highlights and a cartoon take up the room

The pricing on this card can vary widely depending on condition. 

If you are trying to purchase it raw (not graded or slabbed) getting it in a condition with issues should run you between $10 and $18, in decent visual condition card in the neighborhood of $20 to $30, and in condition to get you a mid to upper grade about $50 and higher.

Graded versions should start around $20 to $50 for lesser grades, about $70 to $100 for really nice grades and moving into just north of $250 for a NM to Mint and sky rocking to anywhere above $800 for the highest grades.

Enjoy this taste of Vintage and makes sure you check in Thursday for more TBT cards.

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