Sunday, January 11, 2015

I’m Not Worthy Of Getting Bipped

Throughout the collecting ages the act of getting Bipped has evolved, from the origins of pulling multiples of the same card out of one pack to the fine art of sending another collector an overly large stack the same card as an unsolicited mailday surprise. At this moment the good folks of the collecting community are nominating those they feel are the most worthy of getting Bipped, but this time it will mean something entirely different.

Sooz over at A Cardboard Problem as taken on the Herculean task of hosting The 2014 Bip Awards. As she describes them, the awards will honor “the best of the blogging community” and “a couple of social media awards.”  There are 11 categories that range from Best Blog of the Year to Most Generous Blogger to Best Twitter Feed.

I can tell you from my own personal experience running things like this, it is time consuming and comes with a fair share of headaches. But it is all worth it IF… and that’s big IF, lots of people participate. The other benefit of copious amounts of participation is the results become closer to a real representation of the truth, instead of just a select few pushing their favorite into first place.

So I encourage you to go to the 2014 Bip Award Nomination Form, by following this link, and take a moment to give your input. And when you do, please keep in mind I’m not worthy.

No… really… I’m not worthy.

I’m serious here. I am not sending you there in hopes of you nominating All About Cards because I truly believe that I’m not worthy, and I’m good with that. Looking at the list I, myself can think of a dozen others who devote a lot more time or do a better job at this than I do, and that’s not me being modest.

So please, head on over there and let your voice be heard.

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