Friday, November 2, 2012

Contest Winners For Our Week 8 Panini NFL Stickers Players To Watch Challenge Questions And NFL Player Of The Day Promotion

We are in the home stretch of our  2012 Panini America NFL Player Of The Day Promotion.  There isn’t much more time to before we hand out our grand prizes from our Main Prize Pool. As it stands now, we have close to 50 active participants and over 250 accumulated entries so continued participation in the few remaining contest opportunities could be the difference between walking away with a fantastic prize or just falling short.  Our new weekly challenge questions will be up soon, along with a mini contest that could greatly increase your bonus entry count so make sure you check in frequently.

This week we provided more opportunities to win prizes with our Challenge Questions.  It turned out to be one of our best weeks so far with 5 winners.  This was in addition to the 4 winners from our “Review This Box Of 2012 Panini Rookies & Stars” contest.

All of our winners this week got one question correct for an Ordine so they will have their choice of either a 2012 Panini America NFL Player of the Day pack, the same one found at your local card shop, or one of the Silver Foil NFL Player of the Day cards.

This week’s winners were Neil Cousin and Matthew Gilman on Facebook, Stalking on Twitter and Brian Conrad and Dion IP Autos Only here on the blog.

To claim your prizes, email us at AACNFLPOD (at) Yahoo (dot) com with you selection and make sure to include your shipping address.  You have until Wednesday, November 21, 2012 to claim your prizes.

The Challenge Questions and correct answers this week were:

1 – Place Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Brandon Weeden in order according to who will have the MOST TOTAL FANTASY POINTS for this week. 1 Luck (16.68), 2 RG3 (11.88), 3 Weeden (5.56)

2 – Place Luck, RG3 and Weeden in order according to who will have the MOST TOTAL PASSING YARDS for this week. 1 Luck (297), 2 RG3 (177), 3 Weeden (129)

3 – Within 25 yards, how many TOTAL COMBINED PASSING YARDS will Luck, RG3 and Weeden have this week. Final Combined Total was 603 Passing Yards so any answer between 578 and 628 would have been correct.

Everyone that left eligible answers were winners too because you received an additional 3 bonus entries in our Main Prize Pool.

In order, here are the Top 10 leaders in our Main Prize Pool entries right now.

1 – Matthew Gilman – Blog and Facebook
2 – Martyn Heap – Blog, Twitter and Facebook
3 – Dion’s IP Autos – Blog
4 – Fuji – Blog
5 – BA Benny – Blog and Twitter
6 – daddyohoho – Blog
7 – bd – Blog and Twitter
8 – irondequiot36 – Blog
9 – Suzie Morton – Facebook
10 – Neil Cousin – Facebook

Everyone else will have to "up your game" if you want to crack the Top 10.  Keep checking in this week for details about more instant prize opportunities.

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  1. Silver Foil NFL Player of the Day cards is my choice for this week. Thanks, Dion