Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 Panini Momentum Football Box Break Recap and Review

Once again, Panini has dipped into its previous assets to put a modern spin on an old favorite.  2012 Panini Momentum Football is an all Base/Hit release that is ideal for hit collectors, prospectors and premium set builders.  From looking at case breaks in addition to the box I broke, it appears Momentum is autograph heavy, a trend that seems happening at Panini, which further indicates they are listening to collectors. 

This is another Rookie centric product but there are some fantastic veteran hits to be had and they seem even more plentiful than in some other products.  The ratio of cream of the crop rookies versus secondary rookies seems really even.  There are quite a few of the non- Rookie Premiere autos to be found, normally a point of contention for collectors but it is hard to complain when you realize that pool includes players like Alfred Morris,Vick Ballard and Andre Brown, autos that are hard to find in other products.

Momentum does walk the edge when it comes to pricing, coming really close to making it into our Ultra Premium category, but it properly placed in our premium cards category for the purposes of this review. If you can pick up a box for a little less than the MSRP, it is well within the premium cards boundary.  Each box contains 10 - 3 card packs.  Each pack contains 2 base and 1 hit for a total of 10 hits per box

Here are some of the cards we pulled.

Base Set
 Greg Jennings, front and back
 Drew Brees, Ahmad Bradshaw, LeSean McCoy
 Steven Jackson, Matt Schaub, Roddy White

 The Hits
Doug Martin Prime Materials Head of the Class #/49
Trent Richardson Jumbo Material Momentum Preferred Picks #/99 
Brandon Taylor Rookie Auto #/799, Sean Spence Rookie Auto #/799 
James Hanna Rookie Auto #/799, Dre Kirkpatrick Rookie Auto Redemption #/799
 Jarius Wright Rookie Signatures RPS #/599
Russell Wilson Rookie Team Threads Dual Materials Autograph #/25 
 Delone Carter - Mike Williams Souvenir Signatures Combo Autographs #/25
  Reggie Wayne Souvenir Signatures Autograph #/10

Overall Look
These are sharp looking base cards.  White backgrounds with a subtle Spot UV “M” make the players stand out.  I’m not a big fan of different orientations for the fronts and backs of cards, but taken separately and individually, they look really good.  Once again, Panini is using different photo images for the fronts and backs of the cards to provide a premium feel.  Unfortunately some of these cards suffer from “thick card syndrome” with chipping, edge and corner wear visible on the darker parts of the cards.  But overall, Momentum displays some great designs.

Quality and Variety of Players
This is an appropriately tight checklist for base cards, which expands for hits.  For the hits, the checklist becomes a great combination of Premiere rookies, rarely available rookies, current veteran and retired star players.

Do the Hits satisfy? 
There is a lot to like here.  Collectors who lean towards autographs will be thrilled. The occasional Thick Card Syndrome will detract some but not enough to spoil the enjoyment of the hits.  For those of you who were observant enough to notice the Mike Williams autograph was placed upside down, I have seen almost all of his auto cards from the run and can report that the mistake is not consistent.  More of his autographs were oriented correctly than were placed upside down.

Will you keep coming back for more?
At the release MSRP, not everyone will be able to come back for more, but if even a small discount can be found, it is a great box of cards to purchase in multiple quantities.  If you have deeper pockets and can spring for a case, it seems there is a high likelihood you will be satisfied.

4 1/2 out of 5

2012 Panini Momentum Football is a smartly configured hit seekers box that delivers the goods.

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