Friday, October 19, 2012

Panini NFL Player Of The Day Contest Time For Week 7 of the 2012 NFL Season And Our Panini Sticker Album

We had some winners who got last week’s Challenge Questions correct.  We are coming back this week with even more chances to win prizes in our 2012 Panini America Player of the Day promotion.

For this week’s Panini NFL Stickers and Players to Watch we will be looking at some of the top Quarterbacks in the NFL.  You can instantly win prizes this week depending on how many of our Weekly Challenge Questions you get correct. I will be using standard fantasy stats from to determine the winners. 

So here are this week’s Panini NFL Stickers Players to Watch.

Our featured players for Week 7 are Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Eli Manning.

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is coming off an insane week against the Texans.  He threw for 338 yards and 6 touchdowns without a single interception for a Passer Rating of 133.8, which translated to 39.22 fantasy points, the most any player has accumulated in a single week this year.

Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints is coming off a bye week so he should be well rested as his team faces Tampa Bay, a team that has allowed the second-most passing yards in the NFL this year.

Eli Manning of the New York Giants will face the only team that has given up more passing yards than Tampa Bay, the Washington Redskins.  Not only is this an ideal match-up Manning, he will have home field advantage for the game.

So here are our Challenge Questions for the week.

1 – Place Rodgers, Brees and Manning in order according to who will have the MOST TOTAL FANTASY POINTS for this week.  (For example, if you think Brees will have the most and Manning will have the least, answer 1 Brees, 2 Rodgers, 3 Manning)

2 – Place Rodgers, Brees and Manning in order according to who will have the MOST TOTAL PASSING YARDS for this week.

3 – Within 25 yards, how many TOTAL COMBINED PASSING YARDS will Rodgers, Brees and Manning have this week.

To answer our Challenge Questions for your chance to win prizes, either comment below if you follow us here on the blog, or leave a comment on our Facebook page under the link to this post if you like us there, or tweet us @AllAboutCards if you follow us on Twitter with your answers.  But please make sure you leave your guesses in one place.  Multiple entries will disqualify all of your answers.  

To be eligible to win one of our prizes you must be following us either here on the blog, or on our Facebook page or on Twitter, or as many of those places as you please.

You may enter your answers up until the first kickoff of Sunday’s Packers/Rams game or Saints/Buccaneers game or Redskins/Giants game, whichever one starts first.  Any guesses after that will not count.

Here is how the prizes will be awarded. 

Hit our “Ordine” by getting question 1 or 2 in the correct order and you will win something from our Group One prizes, which include packs of NFLPOD cards or individual NFL Player of the Day cards of players like Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, RG3, Tim Tebow, Trent Richardson and others.

Hit our “Doppia” by getting any two questions correct and you win one of the packs from our Group Two prizes, which include Peyton Manning Career Highlights, Super Bowl XLVI, Panini National VIP Exclusives and Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

Hit our “Perfetto” by getting all three questions correct and you will win one prize from Group One, one from Group Two and one from Group Three, which includes various Panini T-Shirts and a NFLPOD Roll It Up NFC pennant.

AS A BONUS this week, anyone who follows All About Cards on one of our sites and leaves answers to our Challenge Questions will receive 3 entries to win something from our Main Prize Pool regardless of whether you get the answers correct or not. Want to see more about our prizes, which include an Andy Dalton Autograph and a box of 2012, Panini Rookies and Stars, and gain up to 15 bonus entries?  Use this link to see the post.

So that does it for this week’s featured stickers.  Here are the other stickers that will be added to our 2012 Panini Sticker Collection album this week.

 Wes Welker, Joe Flacco
 Rey Maualuga, Troy Polamalu
 Matt Schaub, Paul Posluszny
 Nate Washington, Dwayne Bowe
 Carson Palmer,. Antonio Gates
 Ryan Mathews, Michael Vick
 Robert Griffin III RG3, Brian Urlacher
 Matthew Stafford, Clay Matthews
 Christian Ponder, Steve Smith
 Darren Sproles, Larry Fitzgerald
 Davone Bess, Ryan Tannehill, Aaron Hernandez
 Danny Woodhead, Santonio Holmes, Greg Little
 Rashard Mendenhall, Jermaine Gresham, Austin Collie
 Justin Blackmon, Blaine Gabbert, Matt Cassel
Malcom Floyd, Jeremy Maclin, Jahvid Best 
 Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley, Andre Roberts
 Todd Heap, Michael Crabtree, DeAngelo Williams

Be on the look out for more additions to our sticker album next week along with more chances to enter of our 2012 Panini America NFL Player of the Day promotion. 


  1. 1:Rodgers , Brees , Manning
    2:Brees , Rodgers , Manning
    678 total yds.

  2. 1) Fantasy Points: 1. Rodgers, 2. Manning, 3. Brees
    2) Yards: 1. Manning 2. Brees 3. Rodgers
    3) Total Yards Passing: 846


  3. 1. Rodgers, Manning, Brees
    2, Rogers, Brees, Manning
    3, 747

  4. 1. Rodgers, Manning, Brees
    2. Rodgers, Manning, Brees
    3. 935 passing yards

  5. Entries are closed for this week's contest. Good luck all!