Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Two Contest Winners From This Week’s Panini Player To Watch Challenge Questions

The week’s Challenge Questions were a little bit easier than last week’s, but not by much.  While no one got all 3 questions correct for a Perfetto, we did have 2 winners this week.

Dion’s IP Autos only was our big winner of the week. He left his answers here on the blog and got questions 1 and 3 correct for a Doppia.  He has won the pack of his choice from our Group Two Prizes.  He gets to choose either a pack of Peyton Manning Career Highlights, a pack of Super Bowl XLVI cards, a pack of Panini National VIP Exclusives or a pack of Hall of Fame Class of 2012 cards.
On Our Facebook page, Neil Cousin was able to get question 1 in the correct order for an Ordine. He gets to choose on of our Group One prizes, either a 2012 Panini America NFL Player of the Day pack, the same one found at your local card shop or one of the 10 Silver Foil NFL Player of the Day cards.  The players you can select from are Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Justin Blackmon, Kendall Wright, Michael Floyd, Peyton Manning, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Tim Tebow, and Trent Richardson.

To claim your prizes, email us at AACNFLPOD (at) Yahoo (dot) com with you selection and make sure to include your shipping address.  You have until Wednesday, November 21, 2012 to claim your prizes.

While had only two winners with correct answers to our Challenge Questions this week, all of you that left eligible answers were winners too because you received an additional 3 bonus entries in our Main Prize Pool.

In order, here are the Top 10 leaders in our Main Prize Pool entries right now.

1 – Matthew Gilman – Blog and Facebook
2 – Martyn Heap – Blog, Twitter and Facebook
3 – BA Benny – Blog and Twitter
4 – daddyohoho – Blog
5 – Dion’s IP Autos – Blog
6 – bd – Blog and Twitter
7 – Fuji – Blog
8 – Suzie Morton – Facebook
9 – irondequiot36 – Blog
10 – Steve D. – Blog

Everyone else will have to "up your game" if you want to crack the Top 10.  Keep checking in this week for details about more instant prize opportunities.

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  1. Thanks guys will send you an email with info hopefully today with my choise!