Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rittenhouse Archives Legends Of Marvel Series 4 Trading Cards Break Recap and Review

Rittenhouse Archives has released the forth series of Legends of Marvel and as with the other Series before it, these cards look great.   There are 9 double-sided cards for Thing, Ghost Rider and Ms. Marvel.  While there is an artist who tends to dominate Ghost Rider (Clayton Crain) and an artist who tends to dominate Ms. Marvel (Greg Horn), there are still plenty of interpretations of each character by different artists.

Legends of Marvel Series 4 is classified in our trading cards category.  Series  4 comes in a cello pack and contains 9 cards for each of the 3 characters for a total of 27 cards.  Card number 9 in each character’s individual set is numbered.  Only 1939 limited edition sets were made for series 4, in commemoration of the birth of Marvel Comics in 1939.  All sets are identical except for the sequential numbering.  In addition, you can match the serial numbers of previous sets you have purchased for
continuity, as happened for us, getting serial number #0775 to match our other cards.  Even if this is your first purchase, there are limited quantities of matching sets of Series 1 (Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow), Series 2 (Wolverine, Elektra and Thor) and Series 3 (Hulk, Moon Night and Storm) still available to match your purchase of Series 4.

Here are all the cards from Series 4, front and back.

Andrea Di Vito, Andrea Di Vito, Carlo Pagulayan
Andrea Di Vito, Steve McNiven, Clayton Henry
Leonard Kirk, Bryan Hitch, Karl Kesel & Mike Wienringo
Alan Davis, Arthur Adams, Rafa Sandoval
Mike Wienringo, Paul Pelletier, Jay Anacleto
Gabriele Dell’Otto, Steve McNiven, Marko Djurdjevic

Ghost Rider
Marko Djurdjevic, Marko Djurdjevic, Marko Djurdjevic
Clayton Crain, Clayton Crain, Clayton Crain
 Clayton Crain, Arthur Suydam, Clayton Crain
Clayton Crain, Clayton Crain, Clayton Crain
Clint Langley, Clint Langley, Marko Djurdjevic
 Marko Djurdjevic, Mark Texeira, Clayton Crain

Ms. Marvel

Greg Horn, Greg Horn, Frank Cho
Iban Coello, Greg Horn, Greg Horn
Sana Takeda, Sana Takeda, Greg Horn
Phil Jimenez, Michael Turner, Roberto De La Torre
Greg Horn, Greg Horn, Frank Martin
 Roberto De La Torre, Sana Takeda, Sana Takeda

Overall Look
The multiple takes on the characters make for smart looking cards without feeling repetitive.

Quality and Variety of the checklist
This set works on two levels.  There is a nice trio of characters featured and the same can be said of the lineup of artists. While Clayton Crain does a majority of the looks for Ghost Rider, it is hard to argue with that decision.  Many of his renderings look like they are from his amazing work on “Road to Damnation.” The majority of Ms. Marvel images are by Greg Horn, another wise choice.  His artwork definitely stands out.

Do the hits hold up?
No hits here and none needed.

Will you want to collect them all?
Certainly if you purchased Series 1, Series 2 and/or Series 3, you will want to add Series 4 to your collection.  While some may want just this set because it contains their favorite character, if this is your first purchase you’ll most likely want to take advantage of being able to purchase the matching numbered sets for Series 1, 2 and 3.

4 1/2 out of 5

Rittenhouse Archives Legends Of Marvel Series 4 is another great release in the continuing Legends Series.

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