Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 Panini NFL Sticker Collection Kicks Off The Regular Football Season

The first kickoff of the 2012 NFL regular season is just moments away.  As the Giants get set to take on the Cowboy, we are gearing up in a different way with the start of our journey to complete the 2012 Panini NFL Sticket Collection. 

This year, All About Cards is participating in the 2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion and we will be tying opportunities to win some great prizes with Panini’s newest football card releases and
the sticker collection, more details on that a little bit later.

By the way, to the parents that might be reading this, these sticker books are excellent for teaching young children numbering, sequencing, matching and motor skills.  Just saying.  Besides that, they are flat out fun so everyone, even adults, will enjoy these.
All 494 stickers can be placed in a sticker album, available in retail shop all across the country.  The 72-page album comes with 8 stickers to get you started. 
This one had Wes Welker, Michael Floyd, Andy Dalton, Brandon Weeden, Reggie Bush, Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, The Divisional Playoffs, Pop Warner Football and Hall of Famer Jack Butler.
Individual packets of 7 stickers can be purchased at the same places you find albums.
Stickers also come in sealed boxes of 50 packs.
This is my first pack of the year.
It contained Trent Cole, Wes Welker, Greg Little, Jay Ratliff, The Detroit Lions, a silver foil version of DeMarcus Ware and Michael Turner.  Since the Cowboys are playing tonight, I decided to start placing their stickers in the album first.
Putting the stickers into the album is really easy.  All 72 pages of the album have empty numbered slots.
Just find the sticker that matches the number on the empty slot
Peel it.
Place the sticker on the matching box.
That's all there is to it.  Eventually you will fill the page.

The great thing is when you get to within 40 stickers of completing the album you can order the exact stickers you are missing directly from Panini.   I bet there are set builders that wish you could do that with sports cards.

These are a lot of fun to collect and complete.

Follow along with us all season long as we fill up this album.

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