Sunday, September 23, 2012

Results Of Our Week Three Contest Challenge Questions

This is shaping up to be a little bit of a weird week in fantasy football.  There we players with monster point totals and stud the way under performed.  In a twist on our version of fantasy football, instead of asking you who will rack up fantasy points, we asked questions related to who you would bench this week, Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons or Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans.   Here are the two challenge questions we posed.

1 - Who will have the LEAST total fantasy points for this week, Turner or Johnson?

2 - As a bonus question, how many total combined RUSHING year will Turner and Johnson accumulate?  If your answer is within 30 yards WITHOUT GOING OVER you get the bonus entry.

Everyone received one contest entry just for leaving a guess.

Those of you that selected Chris Johnson for question 1 were correct.  According to, Michael
Turner had 14.10 fantasy points and Chris Johnson finished the day with a painful 2.90 points.

For question 2, Turner rushed for 80 yards and Johnson rushed for 24 yards, for a combined total of 104 yards.  So any guess between 74 yards and 104 yards was correct.

Only two people this week got both questions right, irondequoit36 and felixpotvin97, scoring 3 contest entrees, so congratulations goes out to them.

As for total entrees so far, it is a tie for the most accumulated between BA Benny and Matthew Gilman.

Out Panini NFL Player of the Day prizes should be arriving early this week.  When they do I will share with you what is up for grabs and start to reveal more ways to win.

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