Monday, July 30, 2012

Information On Panini America At The 2012 National In Baltimore

I kept from writing a post about Panini at the National until now because I knew writing too early would just lead to tons of updates and I wanted to have all the information in one location.  Even now, with less that 48 hours until the start of the National, I’m sure there will be more announcements to come, so forgive me if I’ve left something out. 
We must start with Panini’s wrapper redemption program.  By opening packs of Panini cards at their booth, (#D1) collectors will receive special packs that contain cards exclusive to the National along with some other incredible items.  Items that can be found in these packs include cards from a show-exclusive base set of some of the star player, legends and rookies found in other Panini products, Cracked Ice parallels, Team Colors sets, Tools of the Trade Towel Swatch cards, instant-win packaging printing plates, one of a kind 2012 top NFL rookie sketch plus autograph cards, instant win autographed memorabilia like team hats, footballs, helmets and more..
To get these packs there is a must-bust program.  Just bring your purchased Panini boxes to their booth and open them infront of a Panini representative.  You will get a different amount of redemption packs depending on which product you bust.  Here is what your purchased hobby boxes will get you.

1 hobby box of 2011 Prime Signatures Football = 3 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011-12 Limited Basketball = 4 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011-12 Rookie Anthology Hockey = 4 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2012 Prestige Football = 4 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011-12 Past & Present Basketball = 5 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011-12 Contenders Hockey = 5 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011 Limited Baseball = 6 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011-12 Elite Hockey = 6 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011 Totally Certified Football = 6 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011 Elite Football = 6 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011 Contenders Baseball = 8 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011 Playbook Football = 8 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011-12 Gold Standard Basketball = 8 Redemption packs
1 hobby box of 2011 Prime Cuts Baseball = 12 Redemption packs
VIP and SuperVIP pass holders can look forward to a bonus six-card set in their gift bags. The set, styled after the legendary Diamond Kings art cards, will include Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Kyrie Irving. The last two cards are feature mystery subjects will be unveiled during the opening day of the National, Wednesday, August 1.
Panini America will also offer a Live Redemption Trade-Up program live at the Panini America booth. Collectors in attendance holding multiple outstanding redemption cards will have the opportunity to trade them in for a card or cards of higher value.

For example, a collector holding four outstanding redemption cards with a combined Beckett value of $100 will have the chance to swap those four cards for one $100 card via a carefully constructed grab-bag system. Prior to the National, the Panini America Customer Service team will assign values to replacement stock and will offer grab bags containing one autograph or prime memorabilia card at $50, $100 and $200 levels.

Each grab bag will offer minimum values at the depicted levels but many will deliver more than the listed value. Some $50 grab bags will contain cards valued at as much as $80; $100 grab bags will contain cards valued at as much as $140 and $200 grab bags will contain cards valued at as much as $250. Each grab bag may also include live onsite redemption cards good for boxes of product.

The Panini America Redemption Trade-Up program will be separated by sport, and collectors will get to choose what sport they select as a replacement.

In order to help expedite the process, collectors participating in the Panini America Redemption Trade-Up program are encouraged to bring with them print outs from the Panini America Website of the outstanding redemptions they want to have replaced at the National. A Customer Service team member onsite will verify the outstanding redemptions as well as their values, before completing the replacement process.
Each redemption card being swapped out must be a minimum of four months old and collectors may swap out up to $400 in value at the show while supplies last. Collectors also will be required to sign a waiver that states they agree to the random pulled replacement.
Panini will also offer a very special experience for collectors who are willing to spend some serious cash on cards. Collectors who purchase at least $6,500 worth of select Panini America products on the show floor through select retailers will gain access to a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience that is by-invitation-only on Saturday night.  This private reception will include Hall of Fame special guests, Black Boxes, free autographs and the chance to bid on rare Panini America experiences.

All products must be purchased on the floor of the National at either Dave & Adam’s Card World, Blowout Cards, Pittsburgh Wholesale, Atlanta Sports Cards or Marty’s Sports Cards. At the time of purchase, collectors will receive their product and Panini Bucks.  Earn 6,500 Panini Bucks and you can redeem them at the Panini America booth for an all-access invitation to Saturday evening’s VIP event, which will also include case wars battles with 2011-12 Elite Hockey and 2011-12 Limited Basketball for a chance to win exclusive Panini America experiences.

I will have one more very important post, with information about the National, tomorrow.  Don’t miss it.

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