Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Information About Sports Card Radio, All About Cards And Field Level View At The National In Baltimore

In previous posts I've covered what some of the companies are doing at the National in Baltimore, which starts Tomorrow, but now for some really big news.  Sports Card Radio, All About Cards and Field Level View will be working together at the National to bring you updates, recaps and contests for collectors in Baltimore and those that can't make it to the show.  Make sure you are following all of our twitter accounts  - both Colin "@SportsCardRadio" and Ryan "@SportsCardNews" of Sports Card Radio, myself, Ian (You mean you aren't following me already?  Shameful!) "@AllAboutCards" and Jason "@FieldLevelView" of Field Level View, for up to moment info on the events of the day.  We will be tweeting our thoughts, great deals we see, booths you should hit and a whole bunch more.

Here are some of the other things we will be doing.

Sports Card Radio will have updates, contests on Facebook and Twitter, YouTube videos uploaded at night. They will also be feeding Twitter with information 24/7, mostly on the @SportsCardNews account. They will also be interviewing companies and collectors for later podcasts. And there might even be a nightly radio show.  More details on that soon.

All About Cards will be providing live blog posts of events and happenings, giving you a taste of what it is like to be at the National if you can’t make it and important last minute changes for those whole will be attending.  And since minis are hot right now, I’ll be handing out 2012 All About Cards NSCC mini business cards.  There will also be limited, numbered to 10, glossy versions that will correspond to a giveaway and two 1/1’s, a black & white version and an autographed canvas version, that will mixed in with the rest of the cards, that will be randomly handed out.  We will also be burning up twitter with information and giveaways both live at the National and for collectors at home along with compiling coverage, interviewing companies and collectors, for future posts.

Field Level View will have at least one giveaway per day as well as nightly recaps highlighting what his purchases and impressions of the day’s events.  They will also be interviewing companies for future posts.

All three of us will be looking to talk to collectors and vendors at the National, so if you spot us, make sure to say hello and talk about the hobby with us.

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