Thursday, March 15, 2012

First 2012 Topps Heritage Error Card Hits eBay

Yesterday was the release day for 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball cards.  We opened a blaster and pulled a Clubhouse Collection Relic along with 3 High Number SPs, 1 New Flashback Insert, 1 Target Red Border and 1 Chrome card #/1963.  Not bad for 8 random packs.

There are quite a few variation cards this year but collectors will probably be chasing the error cards.  The SSPs are based on the printing mistakes of the year Topps is emulating.

Last year, we revealed the first discovery of an error card, the Alex Rodriguez mirror photo.  Today, the first error card for 2012 Topps Heritage made it's way onto eBay.  Based on the 1963 card of Eli Grba which actually had a photo of Ryne Duren, card number 231 this year is Dan Haren and the SPP error card version features a photo of Mark Trumbo.

There are 3 more examples of discovered error cards on Sport Card Radio's excellent checklist that include two rookie cards that are titled 1962 Rookie Stars and card number 454 of Julio Teheran which mimics Art Fowler's 1963 card which had the card number printed on an orange background instead of inside a white box.  Use this link to see SCR's checklist and photos of the cards.

We will keep you up to date as more error cards appear.

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  1. I actually pulled the Haren SSP error in my first pack. I will post my box hits sometime this week. I'm torn on if I should list the Haren on ebay or keep it.