Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Complete 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball Visual Checklist - Color Swap Variation SP

Spotting certain SP variations in 2012 Topps Heritage can sometimes be a little tricky.  That is why we are compiling a visual checklist so you can confirm that you have an actual SP in you hands.  We will start with the Color Swap Variations.  It should be noted that this type of variation did not occur anywhere in the 1963 Topps Baseball Set.  There are 25 total cards that got the color swap treatment. There are no stated odds for pulling these cards and they are not numbered so there is no way of knowing exactly how many of these exist.
On the left is the regular base card #20 of Derek Jeter.  The card on the right is the color swap variation SP.  As you can see the yellow background color of the insert photo has been switched to the green border color, and vice versa. From this point on, we will only display the SP version so if your card matches the color scheme you see here; you have a color swap variation SP on you hands.

83 - Lance Berkman, 85 - Buster Posey, 87 - Andrew McCutchen

90 - Joey Votto, 115 - Jacoby Ellsbury, 137 - Nyjer Morgan

177 - Evan Longoria, 201 - Yovani Gallardo, 215 - B.J. Upton

217 - Dexter Fowler, 264 - Robinson Cano, 277 - David Price

282 - Jeff Francoeur, 285 - Adrian Gonzalez, 290 - Albert Pujols

356 - David Ortiz, 373 - Michael Young, 408 - Ian Kinsler

414 - Corey Hart, 415 - Chris Carpenter, 468 - Nelson Cruz

480 - Carlos Gonzalez, 485 - Mike Napoli, 495 - James Shields


  1. Cool, thanks for the information. I am excited, I have the Berkman!

  2. Please note the David Ortiz card is #482, not # 356. #356 is Adrian Beltre

  3. Also, I have 2 variations of Miguel Cabrera. One of him batting in black and white (yellow background), the other him smiling with his hat off (which I think is the original version). Also Beckett Price guide as of 12/2012 says there are other SP's that are in addition to the others listed on this site.