Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Complete 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball Visual Checklist – 1963 Error Mimic Cards SSP

So far we have done a visual checklist for color swap variations along with image swap variations and, most recently, JFK Story inserts.  Today we tackle the Super Short Print 1963 Error Mimic Cards.  These are based on the printing errors found in the 1963 Topps Baseball Set.  These cards are not numbered and there are no stated odds for pulling them so there is no way of knowing how many exist.

Several days ago we revealed the first of these error cards to hit eBay, the Dan Haren error card.

Card number 231 – Dan Haren
Based on the 1963 card of Eli Grba which featured a photo of Ryne Duren but the correct insert photo, card number 231 features a photo of Mark Trumbo and the correct insert photo of Dan Haren.

Card number 15 – Darwin Barney
Based on the 1963 card of Ken Hubbs that had no fielding position on the front, card number 15 features Darwin Barney mimics this error.

Card number 29 – Peacock, Mesoraco, De Fratus, Savery &
Card number 54 – Gaub, Reed, Chambers, Betances 
 Based on the same numbered 1963 Rookie cards that were mistakenly titled “1962 Rookie Stars” instead of “1963 Rookie Stars”, cards number 29 (on the left) and 54 (on the right) feature this same mistake title instead of the correct title, “2012 Rookie Stars.”

Card number 113 – Kerry Wood
 Based on the 1963 card of Don Landrum which featured Ron Santo in the main and insert photos, card number 113 features a photos of Aramis Ramirez instead of Kerry Wood.

Card number 341 – Ryan Madson
There are two versions of error cards for this one.  Both are based on the 1963 cards of Jack Baldschun that had a white slash across his body in the insert photo in one instance and a rather crude repair of the white slash in the other.  For 2012, these cards, both number 341, feature Ryan Madson.  The one on the left closely mimics the white slash error while the one on the right is more of homage to the crude repair.

Card number 380 – Carlos Pena
This card is based on the 1963 card of Ernie Banks and features Carlos Pena. Both the 1963 and the 2012 card contains the same error, with the heading just above the stats reading “COMPLETE MAJOR AND MINOR LEAGUE BATTING RECORD” and the absence of any minor league stats.  But, technically, each card is an error for different reasons.  With the 1963 card, the error is stating  “MINOR LEAGUE “ because Banks bypassed the minors, going straight from the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro leagues to the Cubs squad. That is why no minor league stats appear on Banks’ card.  With the 2012 card, Carlos Pena did play in the minors so the error here is leaving off his minor league stats. 

Card number 454 – Julio Teheran
This is an exact match of the error found on the 1963 card of Art Fowler. As you can see from the Carlos Pena card on the backs the word “Topps” and the card number are printed onto a white box.  This is the way is for all the cards except this error card number 454 which has Julio Teheran’s card number and “Topps” printed on the same orange background as the rest of the card.

Card number 483 – Mike Stanton
You might call this next card a Mirror Mimic.  Based on the 1963 card, number 483, of Jim Owens, the 2012 card features Mike Stanton.  Jim Owens was a pitcher and on his card the stats abbreviation for wins is the letter “R” instead of “W”.  Mike Stanton is an outfielder therefore the error could not be exactly mimicked so Topps went ahead and used the letter “W” for the stats abbreviation for runs instead of “R”.


  1. This was awesome to read. I'm going to check my stack of Heritage to see if I have any of these.

  2. Keep it up you guys are doing a great job. Now I have to sort through my stack again!!!