Monday, March 19, 2012

The Complete 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball Visual Checklist – JFK Story Inserts

We have done a visual checklist for the color swap variations found in 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball and, most recently, a visual checklist for the image swap cards.  Today we will do one for the JFK Story inserts. There are 3 categories of cards, JFK Story insert SP, JFK Story Stamp cards and JFK Story Mint Coin cards.  The insert cards are not number so there is no way of knowing how many exist.  The stamp cards are numbered to 63.  There are no stated odds but according to our math, the odds should be approximately 1;2,825.  The mint cards only appear as redemptions good for one of the 47 total cards embedded with a Kennedy Silver Dollar, one silver dollar for each year of production, 1964 to the present.  Each coin card is a 1/1.  There are no stated retail odds but the stated hobby odds are 1:26,500.  Here is a look at these cards. 

JFK Story Inserts
 Card number 142 - Kennedy At Cambridge
 143 - A Profile In Courage, 144 - Senate's Shining Star, 145 - Jack & Jackie
 146 - The 35th President, 147 - A Call To Serve, 148 - Back From The Brink

JFK Story Stamp Cards
 JFK 1 - "Our problems are man-made"
 JFK 2 - "Liberty without learning"   JFK 3 - "There are risks and costs"
 JFK 4 - "The American, by nature, is optimistic."    JFK 5 - "For in the final analysis"
 JFK 6 - "If a society cannot help"   JFK 7 - "Ask not what your country can do for you"

JFK Story Mint Coin Card
As soon as Topps sends these out, we will have a photo of the actual card.

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