Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tri City Sports PL 2012 Diamond Cuts Baseball About To Release

Tri City Sports PL is just about to release it's newest product, 2012 Diamond Cuts Baseball.  Limited to 900 boxes distributed in 30 cases of 30 boxes each, the boxes will contain 2 cards that could be any of the following.

Cut Autos limited to 5 or less.
Fan Favorite Cut Autos that are 1/1s
Authentic Vintage Stamps limited to 50 or less
Jumbo Game-Used Patched limited to 4 or less
Golden Ticket Redemptions

Each card will come encased in a TCSP Pouch that Tri City Sports PL says will render it incapable of being counterfeited.

For more information on Diamond Cuts you can check out the Tri City Sports PL site for details using this link.

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