Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Topps Is Tebowing As Supreme Football Includes Some Tebow Time

 In 2011 we got Tebowed here while opening a box of 2011 Topps Tribute.  If you haven’t been lucky enough to pull one of his auto cards yet, you should know that Topps Supreme Football releases today and it features autographed cards Tim Tebow.  Here is a list of the autographed cards in that can be found in Topps Supreme:

Tim Tebow Base Autograph #’d to 27
Tim Tebow Base Autograph Red Parallel #’d to 20
Tim Tebow Base Autograph Green Parallel #’d to 10
Tim Tebow Base Autograph Platinum Parallel #’d to 1
Tim Tebow Base Autograph Printing Plates (4 versions) #’d to 1
Tim Tebow Triple Autograph w/ Newton, Bradford #’d to 10
Tim Tebow Quad Autograph w/ Newton, Sanchez, Ryan #’d to 5

If luck doesn’t hit you with Supreme, you can try Precision because Topps has announced it is including 50 more Tebow Autographs (via redemption) in Precision Football.  These cards, which are appropriately named “Tim Tebow Precision Comeback Autographs” will capture all of Tebow’s late game heroics including the overtime playoff win versus the Steelers last week.  Each limited edition card will be numbered to 9 or less and include Tebow’s autograph.

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