Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Football Rainbow That Gathers Moss - The 2011 Topps Chrome Football Rainbow of Randy Moss

We’ve shared with you some of our unique Rainbows recently.  Now we would like to share a good old fashioned rainbow.  The inspiration for posting this today comes from this evening's playoff game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots.  But the player we used to build this rainbow might surprise you.  It is Randy Moss.

Now we have had a lot of fun here with Moss and his antics.  One of our favorite and most popular posts was from over a year ago “Randy Moss and Tom Brady in a girl fight” which oddly enough ended with a picture of Tim Tebow, so talk about kismet.  Another reason it feels like the right time to share this rainbow with you.

While Moss announced his retirement back in August, he still appeared in early 2011 Football card releases. Because of that, he also appeared in 2011 Topps Chrome Football.  We pulled the Randy Moss 1/1 Superfractor, card #101, from a box of Chrome.  Despite Moss' off the field missteps, there is no denying his impact on the game.  It's a pretty safe bet he will make it to Canton, so in addition to the fun aspect of putting this rainbow together, there might be some serious value to come from this collection of cards in the future, even though his is pictured here in a Titans uniform. 

Here are all the cards, 12 in total, we obtained to complete this rainbow.

Chrome Base, Chrome Refractor, Xfractor

Orange Border Refractor, Purple Border Refractor #/499, Black Border Refractor #299

Blue Border Refractor #/199, Atomic Refractor #/139, Sepia Refractor #/99

Gold Border Refractor #/50, Red Border Refractor #/25, Superfractor 1/1

Here they are lined up.

Could a Cross Release Rainbow of this be far behind?

So let us hear from you.  How many of you are collecting rainbows and what are you currently working on?