Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And a Tweet ends it. Shaq announces his intention to retire.

If any of you are still asking the question "Why bother having a Twitter Account?" this should make it clear.

In this day and age of instant information, there is no more need for press conferences.  A 19 year career can come to an end with a simple tweet.   Here is one from Shaquille O'Neal just moment ago.

im retiring Video:  #ShaqRetires


This is the way the world is going, this will become the norm.  Our lives will be shared 24/7.  We will instantly know the things we want to know about without delay, no pomp, no circumstance.   No one can stop it.   

So if you don't have a Twitter account, it's about time you get one.   And when you have one, make sure you follow us @AllAboutCards.

Congrats to Shaq on an amazing career.   Here is the brief video that was included with Shaq's Tweet.

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  1. Now he'll have more time to devote to his awesome acting and musical careers.