Monday, May 30, 2011

Short Punch Cards provides a great alternative to your standard greeting card with a chance to pull an auto or memorabilia card.

It’s another holiday and a great one, Memorial Day.   It’s great for many reasons, a day to honor those who serve, a day to hang out with friends and family just relaxing.   But for personal reasons, it’s also a great holiday because there are no greeting cards to give.  In my family there isn’t an occasion that goes by without a greeting card.  I seem to remember getting one for Arbor Day from my cousin.   

Needless to say, I’m always looking for something different and now I think I’ve got a lot of upcoming birthdays covered with a new product called Short Punch Cards. 

These are sports themed greeting cards with a surprise, an autograph or memorabilia novelty/trading card inside. 

This is the front of the Baseball Greeting Card.   Looks nice.   Open it up and you find this.

A simple greeting, “Hope you score a homerun on your Birthday!”   That greeting is a flap that can be ripped opened to reveal this.

In this case an auto card, Kyle Seager’s 2010 Bowman Chrome Auto.  

(As a side note, Bowman Chrome autos are always difficult to scan so the card looks much better in person.)

There is one card for each of the four major sports, the Baseball themed card above.

In the Football version...

was this Derrick Morgan 2010 Topps Platinum Auto.

 In the Basketball version...
was this Antoine Walker 2004-05 Topps Bazooka Breakaway Game Worn Jersey.

In the Hockey version...

was this Kyle Calder 2008-09 Upper Deck Artifacts Auto.

Of course the packaging shows some A-List player card possibilities, but at a suggested retail price of about 9 bucks per greeting card, these pulls are in line with our expectations.  While every greeting card has a different trading card enclosed and perhaps someone will pull a Pujols or Lebron, you certainly should not expect that all of them will have cards of that caliber.

Even with these lowered expectations, it’s definitely a great greeting card, a cool idea and a fair deal.  The card design is good looking, done on quality stock and, as the company likes to announce, the entire card, from design to manufacturing, is a product of the USA. 

You can find Short Punch Cards through their website,


  1. Considering most greeting cards are about $5 anyways, that's not too bad. Definitely a cool idea.

  2. Interesting idea... and definitely unique. I'll have to check them out.